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01 Mar 13

Create quizzes where students click on part of an image to indicate the correct answer.  I can see this applied to geography quizzes easily, and i'm sure there are plenty more ways to use it!!

12 Jan 12

I definitely have to play with this more, but this website lets you create your own app from any website!

04 Jan 12

The first iPhone text message screenshot generator.

19 Aug 11

My Next Tweet analyzes your twitter feed and tries to predict what you might say next! Hilarious results!

04 May 09

Make your own "Einstein writing on the chalkboard" image!

27 Jul 09

helps you generate passwords that are not easy to guess

19 Sep 09

Avatars that look like Mii's ...

23 Sep 09

Make Your Own Printable Motivational Poster

03 Oct 09

let students create their own poems with some help finding rhyming words

28 Oct 09

Create Music Beats - The online music factory - Jam, remix, chords, loops- Easy interface, quick learning curve. I made a complete song in about 1 minute.

29 Nov 09

This seems to me like what would happen if Prezi and Animoto had a baby. lol! seriously, this is another cool way to create videos online.

09 Jan 10

hilarious site to make graphs that are actually not that crappy!

10 Mar 10

Make your own Online Games Arcade, War Space & Platformer Games

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