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Oct 11, 12

Find an array of environmental and science based lesson plans, activities and ideas

Feb 01, 12

A site for kids about taking care of the planet

Jan 18, 12

Connect online to interact with experts in the field, share ideas, and collaborate with people around the world who, like you, are committed to solving environmental challenges.

Oct 07, 11

131 small, simple actions.
Some make someone's day, others make your home a bit greener, others make life better for chickens. All of them do a little chunk of good. Take your pick.

Sep 15, 11

The Challenge is Open! Register your students and use your power to change the world!

May 09, 11

EcoInvestigators is designed to get students in grades 3-5 engaged, excited, and prepared to take on and solve environmental problems in their community and beyond.

Jan 19, 11

collaborate with other classrooms on projects involving environmental issues.

Apr 15, 09

Want to get involved with a worthy cause in the US or around the world? Check out what some of these people are doing to help others...

Apr 15, 09

Aah, the smell of fresh, air-dried sheets! Can you believe that there are places that OUTLAW this?

Apr 23, 09

What happens to the waste we all produce? When does it make sense to recycle? Can trash become energy? These are just a few of the timely topics to explore here.

Jun 02, 09

Summer Camp- without the bugs and sunburn!

Sep 02, 09

Take your students on a virtual field trip around the world to see wildlife preservation projects in action.

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