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05 Nov 12

Wow! This browser-based drawing program can be used on your pc, with no download, or downloaded as an ipad app.  VERY close to the functionality of or GIMP.

01 Feb 12

free drawing software, upgrade reasonable price

27 Oct 11

Fun! Draw a stick man and watch him face several challenges as you draw your way out of danger!

06 Aug 09

create a teacher account from which you can administer student accounts on Kerpoof- a cartooning application.

04 Dec 09

Paint a simple masterpiece. Make a point visually.
Do whatever you want. Do it together.
Grab a tool. Pick a color. Draw something.
Show a friend. Show the world.
Share your vision.

27 Jan 10

this is so much fun! I might have my students see if they can replicate such a design in Scratch

11 Jun 10

I would love to assign a topic to my students and have them create a sketchcast to demonstrate learning!

19 Jul 10

looks interesting... not sure how I'd have my students use it yet. any ideas, fellow educators?

16 Aug 10

reeeeeally cool flame maker...creates customizable designs

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