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22 Feb 13

create your own animated videos for free

27 Oct 11

Fun! Draw a stick man and watch him face several challenges as you draw your way out of danger!

15 Mar 11

ideas for teaching students who tend toward the more creative and less logical.

13 Feb 11

Traci is an inspiration! I especially love her Google Earth Virtual Field Trips...

23 Sep 09

Make Your Own Printable Motivational Poster

29 Nov 09

Cute idea- assign computer terms to students to define and have them find (or take?) a picture to illustrate the concept.

10 Mar 10

Make your own Online Games Arcade, War Space & Platformer Games

27 May 10

i love this slideshow, not so much for its tidbits of wisdom, although those are nice, but for its amazing photography of two stormtroopers in such curious situations that they seem to be alive!  I smell a photography/writing assignment here...

29 Sep 10

HUGE list of avatar makers from Joyce Valenza

15 Oct 10

just watched Ze's latest TED talk- amazing! This guy is super cool and so is his website!

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