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Jan 04, 16

Are you a Star Wars fan? And a teacher? Join the Rogues and find out how to use Star Wars in your classroom!!

Feb 20, 15

If you are a teacher and you wish to incorporate Twitter in your classroom, here are a few ways how you can use it to your advantage:

Oct 10, 14

Choose music for your classroom based on which goal you want to achieve- focusing, staying calm, working to the beat, etc.

Aug 09, 13

With Class Charts you get data rich seating charts and streamlined behaviour management. You can even collaborate with other teachers and work as a team to tackle behaviour.
And it's 100% free!
- See more at:

Jan 10, 12

I don't know who finds this more fun, my students or me!

Oct 31, 11

games you can use with workshop groups or in classrooms

Aug 20, 11

Spark curiosity in the classroom.
Discovery Education and Intel have teamed up to create Curiosity in the Classroom, a website designed to bring teachers, students and families on a journey through life's biggest questions.

Aug 19, 11

Learn how to improve student engagement and build a positive climate for learning and discipline for grades K-12.

May 23, 11

Great ideas from DEN Star Kelly Hines on fun ways to end the year with your students.

Jan 06, 11

Often, the more ethereal things we do in class are difficult to grade.  Here's a research paper on grading a class discussion

Sep 13, 09

Kevin Jarrett... another inspirational tech teacher! check out his blog: Welcome to NCS Tech. It's wonderful.

Sep 12, 09

I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classrooms, and Mr. Byrne is one of those great teachers I get inspiration from. I love his classroom blog! lots of good information! Other teachers in my school use schoolnotes, but I'm thinking abou

Nov 10, 09

Clever collection of interactive whiteboard or projectable tools

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