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11 Oct 12

browse thousands of art pieces by style, period, artist, etc.

04 Jun 12

explains the elements of art in a visual and interactive environment

06 Jan 12

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

09 Nov 11

Welcome to Literacyhead! We gather visual art and organize it in reading and writing lessons and tools. From comprehension strategies to writing workshop mini-lessons, Literacyhead uses visual art to teach reading and writing standards in ways that are engaging and accessible to students with different needs.

09 Mar 09

flat classroom project where students create a "monster" in paint,etc. then describe it to a classmate, who then uses the description to recreate it.

27 Apr 09

love this place! and so do my kids! try Waltee's quest!

06 Aug 09

create a teacher account from which you can administer student accounts on Kerpoof- a cartooning application.

07 Aug 09

transform your face...see what you would look like if you were older, a different race, or a cartoon!

12 Oct 09

this post focuses on cards, but the blog includes many other wonderful children's crafts

12 Oct 09

cool art projects that really challenge kids - fun and educational!

28 Oct 09

My Culture Quest opens up the world of museums and galleries, giving you the opportunity to explore objects from many different countries and answer questions correctly in order to create your own exhibition.

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