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10 Feb 14

For Teachers: Classroom Assessment
Easily create your own rubrics
Complete rubrics on iPads, tablets or phones
Collect data offline with no internet access
Compute scores automatically
Print rubrics or save as PDF or spreadsheet

10 Feb 14

Find the right educational tools for your needs
A discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning.

08 Sep 13

This tool allows you to create a list of tasks with time goals in hours, and keep track of the amount of time that you spend in each task. Available in the Chrome Webstore

20 Mar 13

Add your own words to silent films using your microphone!

01 Mar 13

Creating an App Inventor App begins in your browser where you design how the app will look. Then, like fitting together puzzle pieces, you set your app’s behavior. All the while, through a live connection between your computer and your phone, your app appears on your phone.

05 Nov 12

Wow! This browser-based drawing program can be used on your pc, with no download, or downloaded as an ipad app.  VERY close to the functionality of or GIMP.

20 Sep 12

Google has created an Administrator Guide to Accessibility that explains best practices for deploying Google Apps to support users’ accessibility needs. We want to give everyone a great experience with Google Apps, and this guide is another resource designed with that goal in mind. 

12 Jan 12

I definitely have to play with this more, but this website lets you create your own app from any website!

17 Sep 09

No Mac? No Garage Band? Don't want to download Audacity? Try Aviary's new service- Myna.

17 Dec 09

The place to post everything. Simple blogging with no signup necessary.

08 Feb 10

Ingenious method of teaching software skills by Vicki Davis:  Students have to become intuitive learners and able to adapt and learn new software. Tired of seeing her students outdated each time software was upgraded, this method was developed to teach st

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