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Laura Smith

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Feb 04, 16

"Seesaw empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school."

Feb 04, 16

"AnswerGarden is a new minimalistic feedback tool. Use it for real time audience participation, online brainstorming and classroom feedback."

Feb 04, 16

Online quiz and student response tool

Feb 02, 16

From Richard Byrne and Jennifer Carey - Map Creation Tools for your classroom

Feb 01, 16

"From the Primaries to the White House, Envision Chase the Race 2016 journalists will report live from the field with information, news and a perspective that will amplify the voice of youth in America."

Feb 01, 16

This site says that it is "by Iowans for Iowans" but many teachers and students can benefit from this free political curriculum

Feb 01, 16

Curated Texts centered on various topics, such as insects, and leveled for Grades K-8

Jan 28, 16

"The City X Project toolkit is the most educationally relevant introductory 3D printing and design thinking curriculum available for 8 to 12 year-olds. It is a detailed guide to facilitating the City X Project workshop with your own students. "

Jan 28, 16

"Design Thinking is the confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future, and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. That kind of optimism is well needed in education."

Jan 25, 16

Cheryl Mizerny considers the so-called “soft” skills of social interaction to be every bit as essential to success today as the ELA skills she also teaches.

Jan 20, 16

"Learn to Code HTML & CSS is a simple and comprehensive guide dedicated to helping beginners learn HTML and CSS. Outlining the fundamentals, this guide works through all common elements of front-end design and development."

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