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Laura Smith

Laura Smith's Public Library

16 Apr 14

a geography quiz using Google Maps.  This would be fun to give your students practice using search and map skills to find the location pictured.

04 Apr 14

Project Gutenberg offers over 45,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.

31 Mar 14

Dive into a colourful and engaging world, discovering some of the most exciting and curious mathematical ideas. Using interactive games, animations and countless illustrations, advanced mathematics becomes accessible to both children and adults.

Topics range from fractals to infinity, prime numbers, game theory, group theory and quantum mechanics.

28 Mar 14

Bible Games, Kids Bible, Bible Activities for Children

11 Mar 14

Learn coding at your own pace. instant feedback, interactive.

25 Feb 14

Virtual Interactive whiteboard that can be shared with anyone you give the link to.

25 Feb 14

Create your own games, host your own groups / classes, study for a test, or just dazzle us with your knowledge. PurposeGames is a completely FREE service!

24 Feb 14

A tool that allows you to differentiate assignments based on Blooms Taxonomy.  I can even see allowing your students to choose an item from each tab as a way to self assess/demonstrate learning.

20 Feb 14

There happens to be a plentiful bounty of tools and resources that teachers can utilize to reign in wandering minds. Many of these tools are free and easy to use, making it even more convenient for teachers to close the digital gap.

18 Feb 14

Custom Poster and Photo Collage Maker. Free Downloads! (charge for poster quality or larger images)

18 Feb 14

Fun! Have your students figure out the problems with these images.

18 Feb 14

The ear is the organ which controls hearing and balance, allowing us to understand our surroundings and position ourselves correctly. It is split into three parts: outer, middle and inner. This guide will take you through each part of the ear in turn, answering those essential questions – what are the parts, what do they do, and how?

10 Feb 14

Teach better today. Schoology lets you manage your classroom, engage your students, find new resources, and connect to other teachers anytime, anywhere.

10 Feb 14

Create and share great video lessons with your iPad or browser.

10 Feb 14

For Teachers: Classroom Assessment
Easily create your own rubrics
Complete rubrics on iPads, tablets or phones
Collect data offline with no internet access
Compute scores automatically
Print rubrics or save as PDF or spreadsheet

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