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Laura Smith

Laura Smith's Public Library

May 19, 16

Find out more about your students and their strengths and personalities

May 12, 16

WONDERFUL selection of royalty free music to add to your videos or, heck, just play in your classroom for fun!

Apr 15, 16

Great example of how to explain to students ways to make their arguments better in paragraph form.

Apr 13, 16

Analyze a block of text. Create word clouds and visualizations

Mar 23, 16

"Community STEM is proud to introduce the “The Huff and Puff” STEM lab. Do you remember the story of “The Three Little Pigs”? Well the Big Bad Wolf had to practice his huffing and puffing every day before he met the pigs. In this STEM lab we will explore how he did this and what the implications are for us. It’s our pleasure to introduce Jessie Anderson, a DEN Star from Michigan, who will be introducing this lab from her classroom."

Mar 14, 16

"Cloudschool is a free service for creating and publishing multimedia lessons. In your free Cloudschool account you can create courses of study for your students. Within each course you can create and distribute multimedia lessons arranged in a variety of formats"

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