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Amy Gahran

Amy Gahran's Public Library

Jul 13, 16

"That discussion about reclaiming “slut” has been going on since Kathleen Hanna scrawled it across her stomach back in the Riot Grrrl movement. What this is actually about is protesting the idea that sluttiness – however you define sluttiness, and as that woman whose words you played earlier said, what does that mean? Does that mean holes in your ears? Does that mean fishnet stockings? Everyone has their own idea of what sluttiness means. But what the SlutWalk is about is protesting the idea that sluttiness causes rape. Because sluttiness doesn’t cause rape. Rapists cause rape."

Jun 30, 16

"Investors are seeking lower volatility in this uncertain environment. And it's not just Friday. The Dow Jones Utility Average just hit an all-time high, and utility stocks are some of the best performers so far this year."

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