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Amy Gahran

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Mar 03, 16

"In Information Systems design and theory, as instantiated at the Enterprise Level, Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) refers to the practice of structuring information models and associated schemata, such that every data element is stored exactly once (e.g. in no more than a single row of a single table)."

Mar 03, 16

"GIS had entered the utility enterprise simply as a system for automating map production, but has now evolved into a core-enabling technology. Why is CAD-GIS integration important in a utilities project?
Seamless integration of GIS and CAD gives our users the best of both the worlds. It enables integration of geospatial technology into engineering workflows, to support the design, construction, and operation of sustainable infrastructure. For example, Bentley Map leverages the powerful 3D capabilities of MicroStation, so that users can create and edit 3D objects with ease. This is how Bentley Map has been used by many city governments to create 3D city models. 3D City GIS means providing an integrated, above ground and below ground, information model of a city, comprising not just the built environment but also the utility infrastructure. These 3D infrastructure information models are used in ‘call-before-you-dig’ workflows as well as in infrastructure design and maintenance."

Feb 11, 16

"Reliability Standards that address threats and vulnerabilities to the physical security of critical facilities on the Bulk-Power System"

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