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  • Each user at your school gets a lot of storage—up to 30 gigabytes (GB) for free with  the ability to purchase more if needed.
  • Files and folders in Drive can be accessed offline and will automatically sync any  changes when your device is connected to the Internet.

  • Note: Only school Apps domain administrators can create a resource. If you  would like to have a resource created, contact your school Apps domain  administrator.
  • ote: Your calendar does NOT adopt the same sharing settings as your Google  Site.
  • Reminders for All Day events are based on 5:00 pm the day before the event

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    • For each calendar, you have the  option to: 

      • Customize privacy settings and control access 
      • Color code events 
      • Turn calendar views on/off 
      • Change sharing settings 
      • Select an embed code for insertion in a website
  • The Offline Calendar app is available as a Google Chrome app
  • You can distinguish the appointment block from  other events by a grid symbol in the upper left corner.

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  • With offline capability, you can access  and modify event details which sync automatically when your device is back online.
  • When creating and managing events, Google Calendar generates a Hangout link so you  are prepared for a video meeting, allows you to attach a file, so you can keep your  meeting organized, and accepts your invitations with one click, allowing you to  quickly respond to others.

  • If students are just watching video clips and taking in information, "it's a very passive activity," he explained. "You've got to build in some kind of interactivity, and then teach students how to respond to that."

  • Identify the leadership team with no more than four members including the required Superintendent. (This is a very strict requirement as this team will participate in the Summit together and develop and action plan for ongoing meetings to continue the work.)

    • The district superintendent or a representative
    • A district curriculum leader
    • The district CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or technology director
    • A district professional learning leader
    • A school principal
    • A teacher
  • ask each participant to complete the survey independently prior to the meeting

  • President’s ConnectED initiative, which aims to connect 99% of K-12 students to high-speed Internet within the next five years.
  • Adobe announced it would make available over $300 million worth of software for free to teachers and students, and Prezi, which makes a software tool for creating memorable presentations, will provide $100 million in Edu Pro licenses for high schools and educators across America. This pushes the total value of private-sector commitments to the ConnectED initiative to over $1 billion.
  • The badge can be placed on a school’s website, not just to show parents and administrators that it is taking positive steps but also to help raise awareness—like wearing a sticker that says “I voted today”.

    • To support a systemwide initiative, all educators and staff  need professional learning plans that:

      • Meet each individual’s needs with relevant   training
      • Are implemented regularly
      • Are continually updated   to reflect current trends and technologies
    • School or district leaders can support professional learning  by:

      • Offering regular access to diverse professional   learning opportunities
      • Providing opportunities based on educators’   needs and realities
      • Developing incentive structures to encourage   participation
      • Focusing on both learning to use technology and using   technology to learn
      • Helping educators implement new knowledge and   skills

  • Professional  development is a process. A habit-forming endeavor. An ongoing  individual and institutional professional responsibility to seek, share,  develop, and exchange the most needed and desired skill sets

  • Of those nine programs, five common best practices emerge: PD connects with state, district or school goals; it is focused on core content or teaching strategies; active learning opportunities are involved; collaboration is abundant; and a loop of continuous feedback and follow up is put into practice
  • Examples include embedding training into the work day and focusing on collaboration and coaching
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