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Feb 07, 16

Annie Murphy Paul is an expert on the science of learning. She says your hard-working child may not be working smart.  

Feb 06, 16

"Over The Rainbow / Wonderful World" by Israël K. ukulele tabs and chords. Free and guaranteed quality tablature with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller.

Jan 25, 16

Bring the world of unique live educational content to your class All you need is an internet connection, computer, web camera, smart board or overhead projector Teachers: sign-up for free to browse field trip programs across the globe Programs trace to local and national learning standards Connect your students with the world Museums, zoos and historical sites are ready to visit your classroom in a live and interactive way. …

Jan 12, 16

Why do the planets go around the Sun? Article by NASA for elementary students.

Jan 03, 16

Another fast way to multiply. This one deals with finding the GCF for both factors.

Dec 09, 15

Middle school veteran Jennifer Gonzalez identifies 10 ineffective habits new teachers often develop and proposes some better classroom management techniques.

Dec 08, 15

How can myths help to explain nature and science? Students will explore these themes in this lesson. Students will read and explore several myths, identifying the elements of this literary form.

Dec 03, 15

The premier web service for creating professional educational resources. Used by teachers and parents around the world. I found this site looking for a Frayer Model template. Basically, you type in a word to be defined by your students and it will print the work in the center plus give you a nice template. Good for when you're in a hurry.

Nov 29, 15

Learn how to do long division with this calculator. Results include 9 multiples of divisor for factor learning, plus help pop-ups to understand each step.

Nov 28, 15

The math education sites I can't live without - tools for graphing, inquiry lessons, virtual manipulatives, and more!

Nov 23, 15

“Did he seriously just ask that?” Well yes, I recently seriously just asked a group of students if they knew advanced Google searches. And yes, the students got a good laugh from my question.

Nov 22, 15

An examination of—and brand recommendations on—high-quality cookware suitable for induction cooking.

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