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A Castro

A Castro's Public Library

about 4 hours ago

Videos and lessons/questions on different subjects. Videos are cartoons with teens teaching the lesson through a conversation with their friend(s) along with examples.

Apr 14, 16

Looking for context clues worksheets? Click here for FREE context clues worksheets made for students with various reading levels.

Apr 10, 16

What can a teacher do if students just don’t care? This question is one that plagues every teacher, as has becomes clear through my own teaching experience and almost every conversation I’ve had with teachers.

Apr 10, 16

A Learner's Dictionary by Merriam-Webster. Gives a plethora of definitions for a word when used in different ways.

Mar 21, 16

Learn how to make your own Self watering planter or windowsill herb garden using plastic water bottles or soda bottles

Mar 04, 16

Google Docs is a popular word processing tool because it allows ready access to your documents and files from any internet connected device. It permits users to readily share documents and easily collaborate on materials. If you are already familiar with Google Docs, try out these 10 hacks to up your Google game! Convert a […]

Mar 04, 16

A year ago I wanted to turn my drums into a MIDI trigger. I didn't want to spend a 1,000 on a drum brain or E-drums. In my search I found an awesome Hack / DIY way of doing it with Ableton Live. This lets me take any drum and trigger samples in Live, be

Feb 15, 16

Google Classroom helps teachers manage student work in Google. More than 100 resources for educators about classroom, docs, spreadsheets, forms and more.

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