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  • To use an example with an identical source fuel, burning natural gas in a power plant is about 60% efficient, meaning 40% of the energy of the fuel is lost in the energy production process. In a car, burning gas is less than 25% efficient, with the vast majority of the energy lost to heat.

  • The action potential is associated with a very rapid depolarization to achieve a peak value of about +40 mV in just 0.5 milliseconds (msec).  The peak is followed by an equally rapid repolarization phase.
  • The voltage at which the depolarization becomes sufficient to trigger an action potential is called the threshold.
  • The simple recording in Figure 3 illustrates two very important features of action potentials.  First, they are elicited in an all-or-nothing fashion.  Either an action potential is elicited with stimuli at or above threshold, or an action potential is not elicited. 

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  • Meditation makes you more productive.


    How? By increasing your capacity to resist distracting urges.

  • Research shows that an ability to resist urges will improve your relationships, increase your dependability, and raise your performance. If you can resist your urges, you can make better, more thoughtful decisions. You can be more intentional about what you say and how you say it. You can think about the outcome of your actions before following through on them.

  • unless you find solid footing in your consistent, unshakable Self, you’ll be thrown off balance and lose your way.
  • Connecting with your Self is the key to maintaining your equanimity, your peace, your clarity, and your judgment, even in the face of changing circumstances and pressures.
  • See, Descartes was wrong when he said I think, therefore I am. It’s more accurate to say I watch myself think, therefore I am.

  • ATF AUDIT: First Steps 

  • “Your own reality—for yourself, not for others.” Thinking for yourself means finding yourself, finding your own reality. Here’s the other problem with Facebook and Twitter and even The New York Times. When you expose yourself to those things, especially in the constant way that people do now—older people as well as younger people—you are continuously bombarding yourself with a stream of other people’s thoughts. You are marinating yourself in the conventional wisdom. In other people’s reality: for others, not for yourself. You are creating a cacophony in which it is impossible to hear your own voice, whether it’s yourself you’re thinking about or anything else. That’s what Emerson meant when he said that “he who should inspire and lead his race must be defended from travelling with the souls of other men, from living, breathing, reading, and writing in the daily, time-worn yoke of their opinions.” Notice that he uses the word lead. Leadership means finding a new direction, not simply putting yourself at the front of the herd that’s heading toward the cliff.
  • So why is reading books any better than reading tweets or wall posts? Well, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes, you need to put down your book, if only to think about what you’re reading, what you think about what you’re reading. But a book has two advantages over a tweet. First, the person who wrote it thought about it a lot more carefully. The book is the result of his solitude, his attempt to think for himself.


    Second, most books are old. This is not a disadvantage: this is precisely what makes them valuable. They stand against the conventional wisdom of today simply because they’re not from today.

  • Introspection means talking to yourself, and one of the best ways of talking to yourself is by talking to another person. One other person you can trust, one other person to whom you can unfold your soul.

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  • Results revealed that participants in the mindfulness intervention group experienced significantly less emotional exhaustion and more job satisfaction than participants in the control group.
  • Study 1 was a 5-day diary study with 219 employees and revealed that mindfulness negatively related to emotional exhaustion and positively related to job satisfaction at both the within- and the between-person levels.
  • Study 1 was a 5-day diary study with 219 employees and revealed that mindfulness negatively related to emotional exhaustion and positively related to job satisfaction at both the within- and the between-person levels.

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  • Research participants who had spent just 15 minutes in “mindfulness” meditation, focusing on their breathing, were 77% more likely than others to resist what’s known as the “sunk-cost bias,” the tendency to stick with a less-than-optimal strategy merely because a lot of money has been sunk into it, says a team led by Andrew C. Hafenbrack of Insead business school in France.

  • The ACC is associated with self-regulation, meaning the ability to purposefully direct attention and behavior, suppress inappropriate knee-jerk responses, and switch strategies flexibly.
  • Meditators, on the other hand, demonstrate superior performance on tests of self-regulation, resisting distractions and making correct answers more often than non-meditators.
  • All of this points to the importance of this brain area in resilience—another key skill in the current high-demand business world.

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Nov 17, 14

Nest videos for old folks, 20/30-somethings, parents, and pet-owners. 

  • Advances in technology seem to be making everything smaller and simpler these days, and home alarm systems are no exception. The Canary Home Security System offers comprehensive security for apartments and offices in one small smartphone-operated unit.

  • So stop looking for the trick. There are tricks in startups, as there are in any domain, but they are an order of magnitude less important than solving the real problem.
  • That brings us to our fourth counterintutive point: startups are all-consuming. If you start a startup, it will take over your life to a degree you cannot imagine.
  • And if your startup succeeds, it will take over your life for a long time: for several years at the very least, maybe for a decade, maybe for the rest of your working life. So there is a real opportunity cost here.

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