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Apr 20, 16

A pretty nice way on the different approaches to public speaking with a funny comic strip explaining the TED way (not!) of preparing.

    • The people at TED refer to two tests you need to pass to qualify as Happy-Birthday-level memorized:

      1. If you record yourself saying the talk and play it back at 2x speed, can you say it out loud while it’s playing and stay ahead of the recording?
      3. Can you recite the talk with no problem while simultaneously doing an unrelated task that requires attention, like following a recipe and measuring out the ingredients into a bowl?

  • Writing a great script means working on it a ton and carefully honing every sentence, and memorizing it to Happy Birthday level takes a huge amount more time. You’re essentially writing a play, casting yourself, and then learning the part well enough to act it on a stage with no fear of forgetting your lines. Preparing to this level is a nightmare—but if the stakes are high enough, it’s worth the time.
  • To all those scared public speakers out there, I’d just say: the fear and dread of public speaking is almost always much worse than the actual experience of doing it. Everyone is just as uncomfortable with it as you are, and if you just put in a good amount of preparation, it almost always ends up going just fine. And then you’ll be really happy you went through all the hell leading up to it. So go for it.
Apr 12, 16

A really cool study putting the gender imbalance anecdotes to the test. And yes, things are really imbalanced overall. E.g. Minions is a gender balanced movie and so is Terminator, but not Alien.

  • Data centers have now become the production plants of cloud-based services, a transformation that’s been pioneered by born-to-the-cloud companies like Amazon, Google, and Salesforce.
  • Transaction processing is one of the earliest applications of computers, used to automate highly structured business processes like financial payments, inventory management and airline reservations.  Over time, sophisticated applications were developed to help manage more complex operations, including enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and human resources.
  • We need mission critical IT infrastructures that are capable of near unlimited scalability, near 100% reliability, privacy, and security, and the ability to deal with transactions where the parties involved don’t necessarily trust each other.  Blockchains and blockchain-inspired distributed ledger architectures are among the most exciting technologies with the potential to revolutionize transaction processing.

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Mar 30, 16

Fight as your favourite scientist. Too bad it's not in English yet. There's a mobile app planned as well it seems.

Mar 28, 16

That was one lucky guy... In Alaska... Getting delivery of the first unit from the CEO himself

Mar 18, 16

Just check out those moves:
"Pixel Art animations made for a newsgame called Science Kombat for Superinteressante magazine.
There are 8 playable scientist plus one final boss. Each character has 6 basic attacks and 2 special attacks.
The idea of the game is to make a link between the "powers" of each character and his or her discoveries and inventions."

Mar 15, 16

If the US government wins the case, everyone across the globe including the government ultimately loses. Unless of course you are a hacker looking to exploit the weaknesses.

Mar 03, 16

The photo was up as a part of the iPhone 6s ad at the Mumbai domestic airport arrival area in Feb 2016

Mar 03, 16

Trump in US and AAP in India - both have made a rapid rise thanks to the way the internet has changed the political game.

  • politics is just the latest industry to be transformed by the Internet
    • There are a few key concepts at the foundation of this analysis:

      • Previously information was gated by newspapers and TV stations with geographic monopolies; this began to break down with cable and was completely swept away by the web
      • The Internet made it possible to connect directly with voters to share information, collect money, and drive get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts
      • All of those voters are reachable via just a handful of platforms, especially Facebook
  • To summarize: parties are not just politicians, but coalitions of actors who care intensely about certain policy outcomes. These actors work together to get politicians elected who will serve their interests; voter interests are a means, not an ends. And, according to Noel and company, such parties succeed because they control all of the apparatus necessary to win elections.

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Feb 25, 16

A very succinct summary of the evolution of the US economy after the World War to present. There are quite a few parallels to be drawn to the Indian economy as well, albeit with a time lag.

Feb 25, 16

"Efficacy describes the technical relationship between the technology and its effects (whether it actually works), whereas effectiveness concerns the extent to which application of an efficacious technology brings about desired effects (changes in diagnoses, altered management plans, improvement in health)…Efficiency is an economic concept which relates efficacy and effectivness to resource use.  Assessment of efficiency is concerned with whether acceptable efficacy and effectiveness are achieved with the most prudent or optimal mix or resources.


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