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  • Apple is a bit like the weather: it doesn’t work by other peoples’ timetables. It just does stuff when it’s ready.
  • In Google’s case, it’s pretty much no rhythm; stuff just bursts out when someone hits a button. Microsoft moves in a lockstep. And Apple fiddles with it until it’s done.

I quit smoking 30 yrs ago. Not soon enough. I have COPD. Grandpa says, quit now!! LLAP
14 Feb 14

The laughter from 6-7 years ago died out pretty quick, and now Windows Phone is the Mac equivalent of (smart)phones

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch responds to Apple's attack on Flash for the #ipad: As I said in it's web war

The difference between experience and knowledge in one image:
23 Jan 14

Number 5: "The period at the end of Primo Levi's The Periodic Table" is my personal favourite.

  • As an object, it’s more like a nice wallet or watch. In terms of industrial design, it’s an artifact from a future where gadgets don’t need to scream their sophistication–a future where technology has progressed to the point that it doesn’t need to look like technology.
  • As we see in the film, though, the greatest asset of AI might be that it doesn’t have one fixed personality. Instead, its ability to figure out what a person needs at a given moment emerges as the killer app.
23 Jan 14

Taking a trip down the Apple doomsayer memory lane. The pieces from the pre-iPhone era make for particularly interesting reading including naysayers for Apple Stores and the crowd favourite Macs.
Also, note the dozen times Rob Enderle has been quoted over the years - not a quitter for sure.
Incidentally, the first quote (at the very bottom) comes from Steve Jobs himself, way back in 1995.

  • Google will probably run the most popular online store, but there will be thousands.
  • This will happen quickly because mobile phones are being turned over about every year.
  • The era of the all-in-one hardware and software solution has been gone for at least the last ten years, even though Apple hasn’t quite caught on yet.

23 more annotations...

23 Jan 14

Some they did when they thought the time was right, and some they didn't. Plus, a bonus mention of Microsoft at the end.

  • I’ll repeat: It took a news app only 11 days to “beat” every other story the Times published in 2013. It’s staggering.
  • I can’t help but compare “How Y’all” to “The Scientific 7-Minute Workout,” a straight health article that was the paper’s sixth most-popular article. Other developers wound up converting the article into an HTML or iOS app you can use on your phone; I now use those apps everyday and the ad revenue created by them doesn’t go to the Times.
  • It’s hard not to conclude that not turning the article into an app was a missed opportunity for the Gray Lady. 
22 Jan 14

The most important idea being the ability to store key facts & figures related to any news item so that it can be easily parsed later to gather insights.

22 Jan 14

A space to watch, especially if Apple gets into healthcare devices through iWatch or whatever device they plan next.

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