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  • But there’s a third party that’s often glossed over: the customer. The rating systems used by these companies have turned customers into unwitting and sometimes unwittingly ruthless middle managers, more efficient than any boss a company could hope to hire. They’re always there, working for free, hypersensitive to the smallest error. All the algorithm has to do is tally up their judgments and deactivate accordingly.
  • But for the workers, already in the precarious position of contract labor, making every customer a boss is a terrifying prospect. After all, they — we — can be entitled jerks.
  • Starting with Ebay, rating systems have typically been described as way of establishing trust between strangers. Some commentators go so far as to say ratings are more effective than government regulation.

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  • Imbalance is the difference in a measurement between  the two players. For these three measurements, friendships that  last (white bars) are not significantly imbalanced. In alliances  that end in betrayal (purple bars), the betrayer is much more  positive and polite, while the victim plans more.
Apr 24, 15

Cross platform music tagger

Feb 01, 15

Creating a fake chilly look in a studio for a 'Fortitude' poster photo shoot:

Feb 01, 15

The graceful movements of tennis players captured with long exposures and strobe lights:

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