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  • Imbalance is the difference in a measurement between  the two players. For these three measurements, friendships that  last (white bars) are not significantly imbalanced. In alliances  that end in betrayal (purple bars), the betrayer is much more  positive and polite, while the victim plans more.
Apr 24, 15

Cross platform music tagger

Feb 01, 15

Creating a fake chilly look in a studio for a 'Fortitude' poster photo shoot:

Feb 01, 15

The graceful movements of tennis players captured with long exposures and strobe lights:

  • Jonathan Haidt’s metaphor of the elephant and the rider is useful here. In Haidt’s telling, the mind is like an elephant (the emotions) with a rider (the intellect) on top. The rider can see and plan ahead, but the elephant is far more powerful. Sometimes the rider and the elephant work together (the ideal in classroom settings), but if they conflict, the elephant usually wins.

    After reading Haidt, I’ve stopped thinking of students as people who simply make choices about whether to pay attention, and started thinking of them as people trying to pay attention but having to compete with various influences, the largest of which is their own propensity towards involuntary and emotional reaction. (This is even harder for young people, the elephant so strong, the rider still a novice.)

  • In the classroom, it’s me against a brilliant and well-funded army (including, sharper than a serpent’s tooth, many of my former students.) These designers and engineers have every incentive to capture as much of my students’ attention as they possibly can, without regard for any commitment those students may have made to me or to themselves about keeping on task.
  • Computers are not inherent sources of distraction — they can in fact be powerful engines of focus — but latter-day versions have been designed to be, because attention is the substance which makes the whole consumer internet go.

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Nov 21, 14

Very interesting thoughts - new structures for the new generation of companies & workers

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