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  • H of decomposing coffee ground also changes over time.

  • mix the coffee grounds with shredded cardboard that we buy from Paperchain
  • They collect waste cardboard from local businesses and shred it, and we add it to the waste coffee to help our mushrooms grow.
  • The cardboard provides a dense source of cellulose and other nutrients, and creates good structure in the growing compost for the mushrooms to prosper.

  • After one harvest you can let the substrate rest for a week or so then soak it down with water and it should give another flush of fruit.

  • Unless you are very lucky you will probably end up having some cups develop spots of green mold.  It's a common frustration of mushroom growing.  Mostly you are trying to get your mycelium to out-compete the mold
  • spots of mold you can try to delay it by filling a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and give the mold some sprays. 
  • Mycelium is actually very tolerant of peroxide so it makes a good choice for keeping things clean.

  • If the grounds get moldy do not use them for your mushroom garden.

  • “Coding is highly creative,” she said. “It’s problem-solving. The programmer constructs a little universe from words where he or she defines all the rules and choices. To me, that is storytelling in the purest of ways.”
  • The success of Hello Ruby highlights an important need in computer science education: only 0.4% of high school girls select computer science as a college major, according to the New York-based NPO Girls Who Code.

  • What’s actually better, in the medical field or for dentists, is for one patient to refer another patient, that’s how you’re going to achieve the best results,” Jankie said.

  • The climber has always insisted that he does feel fear, he just prepares to the point that he knows he’ll be able to accomplish his goal by mentally rehearsing everything that could happen.
  • “When I’m planning on doing something challenging, I spend the time sort of visualising what the experience will feel like and what the individual sections of it will [feel like],” said Honnold.
  • Honnold’s mental prep sounds like a psychological technique known as “mental rehearsal,” which is used to get ready for anything difficult. Research has shown it can help doctors perform better. Astronauts like Chris Hadfield say it’s an essential part of their preparation for spaceflight.

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  • “You’ve got to be fanatical about customer success,” he says.
  • The ultimate outcome is helping your customers become more successful
  • “The real importance is that we’re growing at a meaningful number, but thoughtfully and profitably,” Bard says. “We’re executing the business really well.”


  • Every so often, just stop what you’re doing and describe out loud what you are feeling, whether it is stress, anger or joy.
  • The next time you face a task upon which a lot is riding, try putting all the thoughts out of your mind, and instead think only about what you are doing.

  • Harvard researchers found that people who meditated had a significant increase in grey matter in the hippocampus, which is associated with memory and learning, as well as a decrease in grey matter in the amygdala, which is associated with stress.

  • Scientists have discovered that people with low empathy levels and other psychopathic characteristics are less affected by contagious yawning.


  • “One of the biggest lines of evidence is that (contagious yawning is) very much related to empathy.”


  • This suggests yawns are triggered by an increase in brain temperature and "actually promote brain cooling," Gallup said.

  • “On the other hand, decentralized apps are censorship resistant, put users in control of their data, and are safe against user-hostile changes.


  • BitTorrent is a technologically elegant way to do zero cost distribution.
  • Finally, I want to prove that non-commercial can be a competitive advantage. Freed from the need to monetize or produce a return, you can produce a superior product.”

  • As part of the sign up, they can specify the food they need, when they need it, storage and refrigeration onsite, and other details.
  • Mobile apps, in particular, will draw in more drivers and people who want to do good things in the world during an hour after work by doing a food pickup.
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