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  • lymph node and they are a major part of your immune system.
  • Putting endocrine disruption chemicals directly on top of them is a great way to screw up your hormones and suppress immune function.

  • the Third Pole is vitally important; it is the source of Asia's 10 largest rivers including the Yellow, the Yangzi, the Mekong, the Irrawaddy and the Ganges — and their fertile deltas.
  • "It is because, in the high altitude areas, the temperature is sensitive to the global warming."
Jul 25, 16

"if we wait for motivation, confidence or some other vague positive emotion to well up before the action, this puts your mind in the hands of whimsy, the monkey-mind, where no progress is made, and shiny objects distract us."

  • if we wait for motivation, confidence or some other vague positive emotion to well up before the action, this puts your mind in the hands of whimsy, the monkey-mind, where no progress is made, and shiny objects distract us.
  • Our feelings get in the way of progress, and form bad habits.
  • Motivation and confidence come AFTER the action.

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  • Even in same-sex couples, the arrival of children predicts less relationship satisfaction and sex.
  • Beyond sexual intimacy, new parents tend to stop saying and doing the little things that please their spouses. Flirty texts are replaced with messages that read like a grocery receipt.
  • The relationship burden of having children is present regardless of marital status, gender orientation or level of income.

  • Unless you are very lucky you will probably end up having some cups develop spots of green mold.  It's a common frustration of mushroom growing.  Mostly you are trying to get your mycelium to out-compete the mold
  • spots of mold you can try to delay it by filling a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and give the mold some sprays. 

  • antimicrobial chemical
  • triclosan
  • Such microbial disturbances have been linked to wide ranging conditions, from neurological disorders to arthritis, allergies, obesity, and irritable bowel disorder.

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  • high intelligence works against you, because mundane things are very difficult, and the world is full of mundane things structured for the average person.
  • I have food and shelter and clothing.
  • By putting the mundane tasks on a sort of deeply entrenched autopilot, he says, his mind is free to ponder larger questions.

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  • The complaint said officials were able to track and identify Vaulin from records provided by Apple on his iCloud account.


  • Cochlear who are innovating in their marketing and customer service.
  • Innovation actually demands a cross-range of technical and non-technical skills, even more so in an age where the value of tech skills are diminished by the sheer number of people who posses them
  • The study interviewed 19 senior executives in organisations that were identified either by being recipients of recent innovation awards or by their peers as leading innovators in particular sectors.

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  • Generally, the firm supports business-to-business startups innovating in traditional markets — such as real estate and the food industry — and research-driven startups focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and other novel technologies.
  • At age six, he employed friends to sell handmade crafts around the neighborhood. Eventually, they collected enough to buy one package of peanut M&Ms, which they all shared. “That was my first taste of getting people together for a common commercial purpose,” Gupta recalls.
  • As an MIT student, Gupta pursued his entrepreneurial aspirations aggressively. He chaired the Sloan Undergraduate Management Association and became a member of the Entrepreneurship Club (E Club), “which was an important part of my entrepreneurship exposure at MIT,” Gupta says. Through the E Club, he learned the ropes from guest speakers and even found work as a salesman for a startup founded by an MIT Sloan School of Management student that sold cushion covers from India.

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  • There is an emerging fallacy in our industry recently. The idea that you cannot create good design without knowing your content. Even I said that a while ago. But, that’s only half true. Newspapers, magazines and many other periodicals and publications in different media prove that assumption wrong every day.
  • You can create good experiences without knowing the content.
  • What you can’t do is create good experiences without knowing your content structure.

  • “[Data] can tell you which messages are resonating and which aren't ... the truth of the matter is some messages resonate one place and other messages resonate another place.”

  • Real-time marketing is already growing, as companies aim to provide individualised customer experiences.
  • Real-time data feeds are revolutionary, as researchers at the US Array of Things describe:

  • a new record electron spin lifetime of 175 nanoseconds at room temperature.
  • demonstrate that qubits can undergo manipulations involving the superposition of quantum states
  • build a functioning quantum logic gate (switch).

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  • I find security in giving all I have, fostering deeply connected relationships, and being resourceful.
  • money is largely an illusion of security, especially if you have no one that loves you.
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