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  • "Everything I have done in my life I have poured my heart and soul into it, whether it was a school assignment or sport," Perkins says. "I think that's such an important thing, especially when considering what you want to do in life. Confidence is key."
  • "Find things you're passionate about, and put 110 per cent into those things. That way you'll have so much more experience for it, you'll have created your own things, and you'll know when making your own decisions in life whether you should try an entrepreneurial route or a job that you're maybe not as interested in. If you have track record of achieving your goals, you'll feel confident to pursue that path less travelled."

  • Time does not actually exist and Quantum Theory proves it.
  • quantum reality is to give up the notion of time–that the fundamental description of the universe must be timeless.”
  • Consciousness is the formless, invisible field of energy of infinite dimension and potentiality, the substrate of all existence, independent of time, space, or location, of which it is independent yet all inclusive and all present. 

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  • He notes graphene, stronger than steel, is an incredible conductor of heat.
  • estimating this type of geothermal could replace 85 percent of today’s fossil fuels
  • He says maps show half of the world has plentiful underground heat, and since graphene cables could run horizontally, they could route it to the other half as well.

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  • we need to test input, such as forms.
  • Sketch paired with Invision is much faster and easier to use than Axure for wire framing quick ideas, it also has the advantage of being the same tool we use for more high fidelity work, meaning we can progress through a whole project within a single tool.

  • The solution? Exposure hours. The number of hours each team member is exposed directly to real users interacting with the team's designs or the team's competitor's designs. There is a direct correlation between this exposure and the improvements we see in the designs that team produces.

  • Rather than design a physical product, we design the service that delivers the experience — a combination of digital and analogue mediums.

  • which are: 1) job titles, 2) companies you worked at, 3) start/end dates and 4) education.
  • make these four areas extremely easy for them to find within approximately four seconds, the odds are high that you will be instantly passed over.
  • you might be interested to know that a mere 17 percent of recruiters bother to read cover letters

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  • While exercise is imperative, Donelan told the New York Times not to expect your body to motivate you into it. We have to override its influence.
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