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  • because I'm able to forecast and plan my money better, there's not as much worry.
  • Yes, I'm very organized with it. Overall, my fixed expenses are about $7,000 a month.
  • My money is all in play right now to make more money.
Apr 23, 16

The Western world teaches us that happiness comes from achievement―from setting goals and actively pursuing them.

  • Monogamy is extremely rare in the animal world, but most creatures aren’t dependent on their parents for as long as humans are.
  • clear, evolutionary advantage to creating a stable, monogamous relationship so that children can enjoy the benefits of being raised by two parents.
  • Men require relatively little investment to procreate (compared to women, who are physically required to face nine months of pregnancy followed by breastfeeding), and so it makes sense as a strategy to have an official wife and children, but also mistresses on the side.

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  • Google releases the latest incarnation of its browser, the company has revealed that a billion people now use Chrome on mobile devices each month—about the same number that use it on desktops and laptops.
  • services built for browsers can now match the performance of apps in some cases—and exceed it in others.
  • “The web needed to adapt to mobile. And it was a rocky process. But it has happened,”

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  • what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences
  • What you share in VR or MR gear is an experience
  • The recurring discovery I made in each virtual world I entered was that although every one of these environments was fake, the experiences I had in them were genuine

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  • space is limited, and the goal is to save both money and time.
  • Caching plays a critical role in the architecture of memory, and it underlies everything from the layout of processor chips at the millimeter scale to the geography of the global Internet.
  • By having effectively a pyramid of different forms of memory—a small, fast memory and a large, slow one—maybe we could somehow get the best of both.

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  • who developed AI2 with Ignacio Arnaldo, a chief data scientist at PatternEx and a former CSAIL postdoc.
  • On day one of its training, AI2 picks the 200 "most abnormal" events using unsupervised machine learning and gives them to the human expert,
  • As the system improves over time, the number of events analysts must evaluate is reduced dramatically, MIT said.

  • we can dramatically improve our own lives, often with very small changes.

  • Opendoor can very accurately determine the fair value of a home and quickly make an offer on it. That reduces the amount of time its takes to close a deal, while reducing the uncertainty associated with selling a house on the open market.

  • mesocortical limbic circuitry – the “probability computer” in your brain.
  • practical lesson on how we can all tackle risks by thinking ahead, breaking down challenges, taking control and learning from our mistakes.
  • We are all risk-takers, Sukel concludes. It’s how we learn.

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  • The truth about migration: Rich countries need immigrants


    As their birth rates plummet and citizens live longer, the wealthiest countries are desperately trying to bring in migrants to keep their economies afloat

  • But as well-meaning developers and aid agencies are finding, how people use technology is as important as the tech they carry with them – and what works best may not be what we expect.
  • Kiron University, a Berlin effort to offer refugees free online college education.
  • Some of those developing apps are rushing in without taking the time to understand the problems they want to address, says Richard Dent of the University of Cambridge, who heads the Refugee Futures Initiative, a newly formed partnership between several European universities.

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  • AGE’s are formed in foods by exposure to heat and formation increases exponentially based increasing temperature and length of exposure to heat.
  • acrylamide is formed whenever foods that contain the amino acid asparagine and any reactive carbohydrate are heated above 248?F.
  • large serving of McDonalds French fries contain 82 micrograms, more than 683 times the acceptable level. This is due to the high content of asparagine in potatoes.

  • which is we are focused so much on making a tool that people genuinely like to use,
  • "[Likewise] with strong QA you can avoid a lot of the problems the customers have [in the first place]."
  • "You develop those bonds between co-workers as humans and not just like another cog in the machine that you occasionally have to merge teeth with,"

  • Recent research has provided further evidence to show that antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds used in a wide range of soaps and toothpastes can increase the risk of infection, alter the gut microbiome and help to breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Studies have shown that exposure to triclosan, which easily enters the body through ingestion and absorption, can make it harder for your body to resist the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, while triclocarban, used in some bar soaps, has been found to alter the microbiomes of mother and baby rats in studies.

  • Coles, which has launched its Nutriforme Gold home-brand formula, has also failed to win over consumers. Just 0.8 per cent of the formula sold by Coles is its home-brand product.
  • only companies with a point of difference like Bellamy's and a2 Milk have seen big gains in market share.
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