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Tung Truong

Tung Truong's Public Library

  • I don’t have to speak. I get to speak. That instantly changed my attitude.
  • The first expression (i.e., I have to do it) is the language of duty.
  • It is as if we have been given a gift, and we are relishing the opportunity.

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  • OneShift, established in 2012 to find and place retail and hospitality workers, prides itself on once getting a barista behind a coffee machine 27 minutes after applying for a job two blocks away.

  • ut nothing as big as credit card bonuses.
  • Once Huang had gained 100,000 miles - thanks to his 15 credit cards - there was one last hurdle.

  • The Google TV remote serves as a counterexample; it had so many buttons, Mr. Nelson said, because the individual engineers and designers who worked on the project all got what they wanted. But, Apple’s designers concluded, only three were needed.
  • one of Mr. Jobs’s goals: to make complex computer technologies feel understandable and natural.

  • Exceptional designers have strong human values such as empathy, respect, and honesty.
  • building great products doesn't happen in a vacuum.
  • They work with, not against, the differing perspectives.

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  • Leon Eisenberg, said: “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”
  • In fact, 90 percent of these 5.4 million kids don’t have an abnormal dopamine metabolism. The problem is, if a drug is available to doctors, they’ll make the corresponding diagnosis.”

  • What really matters, then, is screen optimization; not a mere focus on the device itself.
  • if you write for a living, like I do, you’ll prefer to complete your work on a desktop or laptop, not a phone or tablet—content management software, word processers, and editing tools will still rule the computer screen world, trust me.
  • Conversely, if you’re designing and building any app that has any type of content creation that goes beyond 140 characters and a photo, it likely needs a companion on a bigger screen; definitely one that’s bigger than mobile. Large screens are still most favorable for many types of professional and technical input, and some tasks will never be fun on a smartphone.

  • testing your recall, figuring out problems without the help of technology, taking up a new hobby have proven to be good for the brain.
  • Start reflecting on what you have learned by blogging

  • The average mobile phone user checks their device 150 times a day1, and a recent study cited2 that 94% of college students reported feeling troubled when not carrying their phones with them. 80% of them said they felt jealous when someone else held their phones, and 70% said they expected to have feelings of depression, panic and helplessness if their phones were lost or stolen.
  • Instead, the tablet is regarded largely as an in-home device that lends itself well to cross-device usage.
  • Behaviors turn into habits when they become automatic.

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  • Users value their time, and a human-to-human style of communication is increasingly expected.

  • Perception management that employs active and passive phases is very effective and does not necessarily require expensive or labour-intensive solutions.
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