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Tung Truong

Tung Truong's Public Library

  • Everyone in the meeting has to be an essential participant who can add value.
  • 3. Hold people publicly accountable.

  • “You seem really cool. Want to meet?”
  • No more drinking, for one.
  • Nothing where your attention is directed at a third object instead of each other,”

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  • If you're thinking about night life, Itaim is better. Or neighbor area Vila Olímpia. The clubs are in general higher end than in Vila Madalena (meaning, more expensive). I like to think that Itaim/Vila Olímpia are for the younger, richer and more inexperienced late teenagers/early twenties, and Vila Madalena more for the thirtysomething professionals. Or if you prefer, we drink more in Vila Madalena, but you less drunk people.

  • “No big bonuses or awards – genuine appreciation and thanks are more effective,” White says.


    “It's about solid, transparent systems and rewards for great effort.”

  • Effective leaders stir an intangible but very real desire inside people. That drive can be reflected in extraordinary courage, selfless sacrifice, and commitment.
  • The best leaders I’ve seen have an uncanny ability to understand, empathize, and communicate with those they lead. They need not agree or share the same background or status in society as their followers, but they understand their hopes, fears, and passions. Great leaders intuitively sense, or simply ask, how people feel and what resonates with them.
  • The best leaders are genuine.

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  • The world kept changing and people kept saying to me, “Don’t worry about money. You’re a creative person; you shouldn’t have to worry about that.” That worried me. I wasn’t sure what they were saying to me, so I went back to school to earn my MBA in order to understand money and not be afraid of it.
  • But you learn; artists and designers are great at figuring things out, like this thing you’re doing. You stumble, pick yourself up, and keep going. Eventually, things were looking up and fundraising was doing great at RISD.

  • I didn’t have any sponsors or anything, but it was very simple. It was me, a bicycle, a tent, and a sleeping bag. There are millions of people who own that stuff; if you own those things and are fit enough to cycle a few hours a day, then you can make it around the world.

  • "We want to encourage writers to write not a book, but short pieces of 30,000 words you can read in one hour. Or they can release one chapter a week.  
  • Even though we have wikis, and lots of information about knowledge and concept, true experience is really very valuable.
  • People need to spend time to learn and get experience -- these are the very real things and the future of non-fiction. It's more acceptable to mass audience than fiction."

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  • Dyckovsky calls this a "data browser." The idea, he says, is to give you "no more than they need to understand to the information at hand." Using this visual arrangement, you also could slice and dice the data, comparing and contrasting and combining disparate data sets. "We want to automate this process." This isn't something that Excel gives you.

  • Rising prices boost household wealth and generally lift sentiment.  Consumer spending benefits.  Rising prices make new construction more attractive (one reason why rates were cut in the first place) and they encourage renovations activity as well.

  • that at least certain drug addiction is fear and anxiety driven,  and that fear and anxiety were gone for the first time in my life.
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