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  • the failure in a person's thinking to bring together both positive and negative qualities

  • an individual is unable to integrate difficult feelings
  • defenses are mobilized
  • view events or people as either all bad or all good

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about 19 hours ago

false believes:
. every activity should be completed
-> become victim of the past choices
. invested resources syndrome:
.. i cannot give up because i've invested a lot into this
. illusory obligations:
.. we imagine what others (or ideal ourselves) expect of us - not even clarifying if it's true
.. idea that if someone expects something of ourselves we should confine
... not even questioning this

. accept that we can make mistake in our choices
. see that some project does not make sense for us any more
. be sensitive to our purposes
. detect that thing that enforces us (within ourselves)
.. bring back the obligation to ourselves

  • а) признать, что мы можем делать ошибки в выборе чего угодно, и это нормально;
  • «нужно быть последовательным и постоянным, быть непоследовательным - плохо»
  • Встречаться с женщиной/мужчиной на том основании, что вы встретились один раз до этого, и поэтому просто так отношения бросать нельзя.

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  • чувство единения теперь зависит от остроты чувства разделения.
  • Контакт – это функция, которая удовлетворяет потребность в объединении и разделении.
  • Всю жизнь мы колеблемся между свободой или разделением, с одной стороны, и вторжением или объединением – с другой.

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  • а мы оба что-то делаем ТАК, чтобы ситуация и общение между нами было ТАКИМ
Jul 02, 15

signs of boundary violation:
. tension
. discomfort
. resentment
. anger
. fear
. turmoil

responsible: both

. people have different boundaries

as intruder:
. be sensitive to other's boundaries
. remember people have different boundaries
. ask if not clear

as owner:
. share your boundaries
.. other people need not to guess
. defend them!
.. know them
.. speak up
.. don't tolerate violation and don't wait

why people don't demarcate:
. don't know about the boundaries
. don't know about the right to defend boundaries
. communicates unclear
. decided to tolerate, hoping they will understand themselves
. did not figure out how clearly to communicate the boundaries

. 1.5-3.5 metres, don't look at each other in the elevator
. friends: 0.5 metres
. closest: ... always need to ask permission
. lovers, doctors:
. self:

personal territory

personal belongings
. on your personal territory
. on the shared territory - need to communicate

close people:
. formally none belongs to us, but ...
. we need to defend our people
. we can defend our right for our people and relationships
.. people leaving relationships violate our right for the relationship
.. we can speak that up

. how people call us
. ты - вы

wishes, needs:
. right to have and pursue our wishes and dreams
. honestly compete for possibility to realize our needs (by shared effort)

dreams, fantasies, thoughts:
. right to request special attitude: confidentiality, care, respect etc

emotions, feelings, sensations:
. right to feel what we feel

values, beliefs, principles:
. right to have



  • Ответственность за это несут как нарушитель, так и «пострадавший».
  • чуток к «минимальным» проявлениям этих границ
  • не все люди похожи на него самого

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  • Try to break away from this thought and try to think outside of the box.

  • Different classes may order their members differently.
  • each class order its members in some logical order,
  • even when the body is empty or contains only a single statement.

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  • causes the thread to unlock all monitors it has acquired
  • If any object protected by one of the released locks was in an inconsistent state, this state gets visible to all other threads.
  • IllegalThreadStateException

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  • чувствуют себя объектом манипуляции
  • вынуждены говорить или делать нечто, что им не свойственно
  • случайного комментария о чем угодно: цвет стены, посуда в раковине, автомобиль, который нуждается в техосмотре

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Jun 28, 15

+ practiced writing psedo-code
+ practiced execute_mentally!

: model_representation :
(board, occupied) - occupied board
(i, j) - position
(word, k) - suffix

Jun 28, 15

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