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  • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Delete will not be supported.
  • Need to modify the Namespace to support efficient search/browsing for Object versions, based on the HBase range-scans

  • Transition actions in which you define when objects transition to another  Amazon S3 storage class.
  • Expiration actions
    • Objects must be stored at least 30 days in the current  storage class

  • a simple DELETE on a  delete marker removes nothing, but adds a new delete marker to a bucket
  • Only the owner of a bucket can permanently remove a  delete marker.

  • Can only remove an object whose version ID is null
  • delete marker doesn't have content

  • automatically adds a  null version ID to every subsequent object stored thereafter (using  PUT, POST, or  COPY) in that bucket
  • the added object overwrites the original null version.
  • If a null version already exists in a bucket, the null version is overwritten, as  shown in the following figure.

  • Each version has its own object owner
  • by default, GET Object acl  returns the permissions of the current version of the object.

  • Copy a previous version of the object into the same bucket
  • When you delete the current object version, you, in effect, turn the  previous version into the current version of that object.

  • Requests that include x-amz-mfa must use  HTTPS.
  • If you do  not include this request header, the request fails.
  • DELETE /my-image.jpg?versionId=3HL4kqCxf3vjVBH40Nrjfkd HTTPS/1.1

  • define  lifecycle configuration rules for objects
  • The Expiration action applies to the current object  version
  • by adding a delete marker

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  • Each request returns up to 1000 versions.
  • the response returns the IsTruncated element with the  value "true"
  • the  most recently stored returned first.

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  • x-amz-versionid response  header, for example:
  • Each version of an object is the entire object; it is not just  a diff from the previous version. Thus, if you have three versions of an  object stored, you are charged for three objects.

  • inserts a delete  marker
  • states: unversioned (the default), versioning-enabled, or  versioning-suspended
  • can never return to an unversioned state

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  • physically changing it
  • the first time information is entered on   a document
  • information is added to or   alteredon an Item

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