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Jul 05, 16

""At my interview with the Coke board, they asked me what my legacy would be and I said, if I got the job, I could help steer Coke to become Marketer of the Year at Cannes," Mildenhall says. "I knew I’d lost my audience. They were thinking ‘another creative who wants to be marketer of the year’. Then I said that’s important because, of the last ten winners at Cannes, eight at the time they were awarded were enjoying an all-time-high share price. Immediately, they all leaned in. I’d become a creative guy who could talk about the share price."
When he joined, Coke’s share price was $29. When he left, it was $82, and the intervening years had seen a burst of inclusive creativity. "Small World Machines", for instance, used 3D touchscreen vending machines-cum-live communications portals to link people in India and Pakistan (while also dispensing a cold can of Coke)."

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