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wil reynolds

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Apr 25, 15

"For example, we suspected that "near me" searches are more common when people travel, which is true; they spike 55% during both Christmas and New Years"

Apr 24, 15

When I dive into time coaching clients’ schedules, I consistently discover that people misdiagnose themselves as having a “productivity” problem when, in fact, their bigger issue is an overcommitment problem. via Pocket

Apr 24, 15

Asking Facebook users to choose which of four options is their favorite seems like such a simple concept but brings many potential rewards to brands, which is where Whichit comes in. via Pocket

Apr 24, 15

Performance reviews twice a year do little to help people improve. Here’s how to give constant feedback and and still get things done. It's been printed in enough management articles that it's probably implanted in your brain: Millennials want const…

Mar 24, 15

Great Interview question

How is the company you are at different because you are there?

Always ask, 'What are the chances you're going to be at your current employer a year from today?'

Mar 18, 15

"In other words, tell people what you want them to do instead of detailing what they’re doing wrong"

Mar 03, 15

Giving good feedback to team members is quite possibly the most important - and most difficult  - part of any leader's job. Here's the problem:  very often, the feedback that we end up giving doesn't seem to be all that effective. via Pocket

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