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wil reynolds

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Mar 24, 15

Great Interview question

How is the company you are at different because you are there?

Always ask, 'What are the chances you're going to be at your current employer a year from today?'

Mar 18, 15

"In other words, tell people what you want them to do instead of detailing what they’re doing wrong"

Mar 03, 15

Giving good feedback to team members is quite possibly the most important - and most difficult  - part of any leader's job. Here's the problem:  very often, the feedback that we end up giving doesn't seem to be all that effective. via Pocket

Feb 26, 15

We’ve all experienced our fair share of retargeting and there are good reasons for why marketers do it. Retargeting ads have a 10x higher click-through rate than display ads – and visitors subject to retargeting are 70% more likely to complete a con…

Feb 23, 15

Each of these points is a big task on its own. This is where SimilarWeb PRO steps in to help you make these tasks easier and faster. In this article, we’ll go over how you can get the 3 F’s by using the ‘Search’ section on SimilarWeb PRO. via Pocket

Feb 23, 15

Self-promotion can be uncomfortable for many people. That’s certainly true for foreign professionals in America, who have to navigate different cultural mores in the most bullish nation on earth when it comes to personal branding. via Pocket

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