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Kyle Webb

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08 Apr 14

Three balls are placed inside a cone such that each ball is in contact with the edge of the cone and the next ball.

26 Mar 14

"Though not always emphasized or recognized, ethics is an integral part of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The development and deployment of technology, for example, often raises many ethical issues. Some of these issues are fairly straightforward while others are subtler and very complex. It is, therefore, important that educators help prepare their students for the ethical challenges they will face; whether as STEM professionals or citizens in our modern society. Finally, ethical reflection and discussion can promote critical thinking; a cornerstone of education and testing standards. "

26 Mar 14

The ME2011 Robot Project is a chance for students to be creative, to face a substantial challenge, to show off, and to stretch themselves as designers. Each student is charged with building a computer-controlled, autonomous machine that "does something useful" for 45 seconds. The definition of "useful" is up to the student and the results are always unexpected, clever and just plain fun. The remainder of this web site is to help ME 2011 students with their project, but the information be of interest to anyone building a robot.

    • Whether you want to become a pro developer, or create your own kick-ass portfolio, it can be pretty hard to get started with coding. So to help get you up to speed, we've put together a bundle of courses, covering HTML5, CSS, Java, PHP, MySQL, Objective C, Xcode, Python and more. The best part? it's name your own price.P


      It's a bit crazy, but we're letting you Gizmodo/Lifehacker readers pay whatever you like for Programming Java for Beginners (normally $59) and PSD to HTML5/CSS3 ($39) — but pay above the average, and we'll throw in 6 more courses. That makes a total of 826 total lectures and 86 hours of high quality content, worth $893…which should keep you busy for a while, methinks. Plus, we'll give 10% of your purchase price to Child's Play, World Wildlife Fund or Creative Commons. Can't say fairer than that.P


      >> The Name Your Own Price Learn to Code BundleP


      Here's what you get…P

      • Become a Web Developer from Scratch ($199) — 234 lectures and 41 hrs of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML, jSON, AJAX, jQuery and the new HTML5 + CSS3.P
      • Creating Responsive Web Design ($150) — learn how to optimize your web pages for different screen sizes and pl
10 Feb 14

"If you're looking for free labs, worksheets, handouts, books, and the like, you've come to the right place. If you want to visit my blog, click here.


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