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Apr 24, 15

"I use Twitter only for professional development and as a means to keep in touch, share with and learn from 21 century educators throughout the world. I have established  and maintained a worldwide PLN through Twitter. A great video explaining the same reasons why and how I use Twitter. Twitter can be a means to find and/or share ideas and resources, ask questions, participate in chats or simply just follow along on the sidelines and learn from some of the most innovative and progressive educators in the world!


Apr 17, 15

"Graffiti Diplomacy is happy to offer this assortment of free graffiti art drawing lessons. While these are only a small
sampling of our letter-building techniques we hope you enjoy these free lessons and find them helpful. These
graffiti techniques can be modified to build letters in any style. Click on each link below."

Apr 15, 15

"I could not believe this prompt was true when I first saw it. The equation comes from Rachael Read, a teacher I worked with in 2006-07 on a national programme run by the Leading Edge schools (UK). One of her year 10 students had stumbled across it. We can only wonder at the levels of enthusiasm and excitement that must have been generated in a lesson that gives a student the freedom to 'stumble' upon something like this. The prompt that I have subsequently developed has caused many audiences (students and adults) similar doubts to mine. Typical responses start with, "It can't be true ... can it?"

Apr 14, 15

"Contrary to what you have read in headline after headline, there is actually not a shred of credible evidence to support the recent claim that irresponsible behavior by teens is caused by properties of the developing brain.


Apr 14, 15

"Copy and paste a sample of your writing into the box below. Your writing will not be stored or saved in any way. We promise"

Apr 13, 15

"The human brain is hardwired to pay attention to moving objects. Because of this natural reflex to notice movement, adding animation to your website or app is a powerful way to draw users attention to important areas of your product and add interest to your interface.

When done well, animations can add valuable interaction and feedback, as well as enhance the emotional experience, bring delight, and add personality to your interface. In fact, to animate means to bring to life.

Emotional design’s primary goal is to facilitate human-to-human communication. If we’re doing our job well, the computer recedes into the background, and personalities rise to the surface.

Aarron Walter, Designing For Emotion

In this post we’re going to walk through the basics of CSS animation. You can follow along and view the CSS code for the example animations in this post.


Apr 12, 15

"Finally the 121st edition of Carnival of Mathematics, a great idea of The Aperiodical!!  I am extremely exited to host this. In case you don’t know much about this carnival I encourage you to read more The Aperiodical and maybe you could be the next host. So, lets get started! ^_^


Apr 02, 15

"Early adopters share how schools can find success with teachers and students alike--even when the technology seems as topsy-turvy as the lessons.


  • the reality is that many if not most teachers who opt for the flipped classroom strategy are not pursuing a student-centred approach to teaching and learning.
  • he traditional model of learning is simply being reversed, instead of being reinvented. The lecture (live or on video) is still front and center.
  • new knowledge should be actively constructed.

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Mar 30, 15

"The Coachella Valley Unified School District in California has come up with an innovative way to bring internet access to underserved communities. Even President Obama loved the idea to put routers on school buses and drive them around communities in the evenings so that students -and their families- could have free wi-fi. Nora speaks with Darryl Adams, the Superintendent of Schools for the Coachella Valley Unified District.


Mar 29, 15

"It took us a while to feel comfortable in a Twitter chat. Freewheeling and at times imposing, the chats feature quick ticks of smart blurbs. Experts with 1,000+ followers definitely made us hesitate to offer our own two cents. After a few months of experimentation, though, we plunged in. Our experiences have been almost universally positive. We’ve met passionate educators who’ve offered lesson tips, curriculum theories, and project proposals to enrich our classes in unforeseen ways.

  • In fact, experts estimate that roughly 90% of interactions, from blogs to chats to social networks, are contributed by only 10% of the online population.
  • ost, though, welcome a free exchange of ideas united by a unique hashtag.
  • typical Tweeter is a sincere, collaborative user who holds fellow educators in the highest  esteem.

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Mar 26, 15

"Behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism are the three broad learning theories most often utilized in the creation of instructional environments. These theories, however, were developed in a time when learning was not impacted through technology. Over the last twenty years, technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn. Learning needs and theories that describe learning principles and processes, should be reflective of underlying social environments. Vaill emphasizes that “learning must be a way of being – an ongoing set of attitudes and actions by individuals and groups that they employ to try to keep abreast o the surprising, novel, messy, obtrusive, recurring events…” (1996, p.42).


  • Those who advocate for the flipped classroom state that class time can then be used for discourse and for providing hands-on, authentic learning experiences.
  • he use of video lectures needs to fall within a larger framework of learning activities – within more establish models of learning, providing a larger context for educator implementation.
  • They become hooked through personal connection to the experience and desire to create meaning for and about that experience (ala constructivist learning).

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Mar 25, 15

"Alka-Seltzer® tablets fizz furiously when dropped into water. The moment the tablet starts dissolving, a chemical reaction occurs that releases carbon dioxide gas. Can you make Alka-Seltzer fizz faster or slower by changing the temperature of the water? How big of a difference in the rate of a chemical reaction can temperature make?

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