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  • How to capture leads on-line. Method described in this video is a natural way to capture very targeted leads. You don't have to chase anyone. People will be willing to opt-in into your form, and they will be interested in what you have to offer. So you can easily follow up with them and turn them from strangers to warm market. Watch the video, share on your social networks, follow me on Slideshare and twitter (@digitalgali). Hope you find this video "How to capture leads" helpful, and you will simply follow this plan.
Jul 27, 12

social plugin recommendation box from Facebook

Jul 27, 12

monitoring and managing social media communications

Jul 25, 12

how to promote service using PPC

  • This is how "I" would tackle it. I would set up a PPC campaign and send leads to a landing page. Landing page would be attached to an auto-responder with 10-15 short emails educating the prospect and have a call to action at the end of to call [your tracking number] if they have additional questions.

    You could set the whole thing up in one LONG day and never have to touch it again. I would touch it again to optimize but you wouldnt have to...

    Then you just sell the leads to the company for a set price.
  • Then they are only paying for results... it's a pretty easy sell

    You just have to work with them on the math... say $1 per click ... 30% opt so $3-4 per lead.... then maybe 10-20% call lets say $50 per call they close one out of four...

    $200 per close... $2000 for a headstone..... 1000% ROI

    Again those are play numbers for example. 600% ROI is about the best I've got for paid traffic so far.
Jul 23, 12

on-line credit card processing

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