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Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent's Public Library

Mar 18, 15


Mar 17, 15

Sending drafts thought email is so yesterday.

Mar 15, 15

Surface learning tends to be experienced as an uphill struggle, characterised by fighting against boredom and depressive feelings. Deep learning is experienced as exciting and a gratifying challenge.

Mar 15, 15

The point is, education has always evolved –  new ways of describing learning are just another just part of this ancient process. From flint and stone, to chalk and board, to pen and paper, to screens and cursors – excellent, experienced teachers have always been effective at utilising the most appropriate tools they have access to, to transform teaching and learning. What is clear is that these teachers need to move away from the traditional methods of teaching and utilise a wider variety of techniques, the best tools, for their students to build their own understanding through real world applications and interactions with their peers.

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