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    • Envision

      Plan & Propose

    • What topic will you study? 
    • What question will you answer?
    • With whom will you share?
    • How will you share?

    • Answer these questions in complete sentences in a Google Doc named W_ Proposal Code Topic in your Project folder.

      Your proposal answers (copy/paste or use the link to make a copy):
      What's your main question?
      What other questions support it?
      What do you already know?
      Why is this important to you?
      With whom will you share?
      What final project do you envision?
      Share with your teacher for approval.

      Submit to your teacher for approval.


      1 Plan your search

      2 Keep your log

      3 Take notes-- document your learning.

      Use reading strategies --reading strategies
       (use your readers notebook).

      4 Review and Summarize
      Review your notes and summarize your learning.

      5 Share with Peers
      Perhaps you have a question, perhaps you want to know their opinion or  knowledge, perhaps you just need help clarifying your understanding. 

      6 Develop your conclusions.

      Summarize your facts, make conclusions, and develop a response to the issue of your question(s).

      7 Think of your audience. Draft your product.

      Share your genius. Persuade your audience to consider your ideas.

      Use your writing strategies.

      8 Think of your audience. Revise and get feedback on your product. See Share With Peers.

      9 Think of your audience. Revise and get feedback on your product. See Share With Peers


      How will you present your information to others? Who is your audience?

      10 Publish and Present-- Go to Exhibit!

      At the end of each Genius Day Period, share your genius for the day!

      Exhibit & Evaluate:

      Blog Format -- your documentation

      Create -- an informative presentation for others to learn from you


      Throughout  your project, you have kept a log of your learning -- about your topic  and about research, reading, and writing. Your final product will  demonstrate that learning.

      Upon completion of your project, during which you evaluated which  information was most important, you must evaluate your process and  product.

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