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13 Apr 13

A new way to podcast. Simple and easy to use, Vocaroo provides you with a link to your recording that you can embed into blogs and sites. Your recording can be as long as you like. The recording will be deleted after a few months, so if you want to keep it, you will need to download it to your computer.

11 Apr 13

EPSB blog about integrating technology into division 1 subjects

29 Mar 13

"Our new infographic presents highlights of all of LRS’s school library impact studies in an accessible and concise format. We hope this will be an effective tool for school library advocates!"

27 Mar 13

RSS, podcasts, screencasts and more. How can you stay on top of them all? The November Learning team has designed a series of educational handouts that can make any user comfortable with the latest technology tools. Each sheet can be read, printed and passed out as needed. Use them in your next professional development session.

22 Mar 13

"I love art. I believe it is an integral part of us as humans. As such, I am always looking at ways to do a better job of incorporating it into my lessons. Here is a great little post about how to do just that."

Digital Teacher

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     The Write Way


     Friday 10 March 2000




    Last week's Glossary brought back plenty of memories for some :) and it seems I made a slip up - did you notice?


    It's Bunyan, not Bunyon (an example of didactic writing is Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress"). Thanks to Katherine Spivey for being the first to spot this.


    This leads rather nicely into this week's topic - which is homophones and homonyms. Now, if you're thinking that I deliberately did that last week, just so I could introduce this week's topic ... then I have a nice little bridge out here that you might be interested in buying ...   


    Homophone and homonym are used synonymously these days, but I've always liked to distinguish between them: both have the same prefix from the ancient Greek homos, meaning 'the same' but the root of each has a quite different meaning; phone comes from the Greek for 'sound, voice', while -nym is from the Greek word onyma meaning 'name.'


    So homophones are words which have the same sounds - but different meanings and different spelling, such as air (atmosphere) and heir (person who inherits your hard-earned wealth); marshal (an officer) and martial (warlike); ascetic (austere) and acetic (sour); bazaar (oriental

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