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Ted Curran

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With all this #HigherEdAct talk abt "skin in the game" remember CEO's point that incentives differ by type of control
May 19, 15

"Work at a job that offers basic human dignity... Enjoy art, books and playfulness." Pope Francis on happiness

May 15, 15

QOTD from @tedcurran in comments to - Sometimes “academic freedom” looks like “lack of oversight”

May 15, 15

@tedcurran Great article on CBE and Mastery, we see much confusion on what CBE is vs. just self paced online.

May 15, 15

CBE and the non-traditional learner by Pearson's @tedcurran

May 14, 15

“Students’ grades should be based on performing rigorous real-world authentic tasks” #CBE article by @tedcurran,

Thx 4 a perfect response, @tedcurran. Love the tumbler. I don't think many schools know how to operationally deal w/ one pin misaligned, tho
May 14, 15

Excellent post on Competency vs. Mastery from @tedcurran follow-on to John Ebersole (pres of @ExcelsiorColl) article

Great suggestion! RT @tedcurran: @Edudemic self hosted @WordPress. The perfect jumping off point for tech literacy. #edtech
May 12, 15

RT @tedcurran: What Schools Must Learn From LA’s #iPad Debacle Militates, yes, but also OUSD good models

May 09, 15

Well worth reading @tedcurran on emerging models and education innovation.

May 07, 15

Our 7-step framework for Competency-Based Education, making College education more personal, quicker and lower cost

May 06, 15

#Assessments need to do more than validate learning. They need to advance learning. #ESEA #CompetencyEd

May 06, 15

Professors are shifting from teaching to coaching. That’s good news for #highered and #competencyed @InsideHigherEd

May 05, 15

Kids go through so much standardized testing. John Oliver explains how it's all ruining them

May 05, 15

John Oliver beautifully sums up everything that's wrong with standardized testing

Apr 30, 15

Vibing in the office to @WeAreDeLaSoul "Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa" #delasoulisdead

Apr 29, 15

decided to get serious about #Lists in @Twitter. Using

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