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Ted Curran

Ted Curran's Public Library

Feb 19, 15

.@tedcurran 2-year colleges in Washington State expand competency-based project w business degree @insidehighered

Feb 19, 15

Thanks to everybody for great discussion ongoing at G+ re: @tedcurran's blog post: What’s THE BIG PROBLEM in Edtech?

Feb 18, 15

Will the 2nd wave of #CompetencyEd reach its tipping point in #highered?
Google Ngram: '[competency]', 1908-2008.

Feb 13, 15

@tedcurran Happy Valentine's Day to you and your beloveds... Thanks for this. Her book:

@tedcurran Ted! Brilliant video tutorial! Thank you for putting that together! I've got this, no sweat. You connected the dots! @revealjs

@tedcurran Good to see we have the same taste in tweets.

@tedcurran @chrssgdn Firefox good and also chrome and safari. Main prob is IE: cash-strapped teams often limited to ancient versions!
Jan 11, 15

@tedcurran The AMBIT programme does just that. See by @dickonb

Good effort in general and for sharing your internal disciplines respect. @sampaddock @tedcurran
Jan 10, 15

@tedcurran it’s worth posting/reading in the mailing lists, there’s quite a few #edtech people in the community -

Jan 10, 15

@tedcurran Hey Ted, we were inspired by your article and created this screencast especially for you:

@tedcurran Of course, your support means a lot to me! #YoureWelcomeTed
Dec 23, 14

"A MakerSpace is lean, flexible, and informal..." via .@tedcurran...

@tedcurran Some people grumble that roses have thorns

thanks @tedcurran - code monkey hooked me up! I'm excited to get started!

If anyone needs me, I'll be here for the next 424 million hours.
Dec 05, 14

Missed our recent #CBE Hangout w/ @tedcurran & @OLCToday? View the recording & other #ndlw events now: #pearsonelarn

@tedcurran forward the confirmation email to Make sure to add the email you registered with too. Thank you!

@tedcurran I totally agree that this would be really useful. Stay tuned! —B
Oct 24, 14

SMU faculty & staff gathered for the Annual Employee Service Awards Dinner. Read more:

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