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Ted Curran

Ted Curran's Public Library

about 2 hours ago

Designing a better #teachericon—times are changing, so are the icons. #edtech via @EdSurge

@tedcurran @JNUrain We have plans to enable multiple accounts per Channel, but we don't have any specific timeline to share. Stay tuned!
Jun 24, 15

@tedcurran @googlephotos This is the objective of this group to make this happen! check this out :)

@tedcurran @googlephotos It is possible with owncloud! And then you would need a plugin to micropub from owncloud to wordpress!

Choices, choices
Jun 11, 15

Nuance? What is that, French? by @jessicahagy Too true!

@tedcurran I am real follower!!! :)

Because you're worth it
Jun 03, 15

.@tedcurran is our 100th follower! How cool it is, because Ted "gets" free software in education! Thanks, Ted!

@tedcurran @twitter And you're the only one who's worth itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt†††t†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††ttt.

With all this #HigherEdAct talk abt "skin in the game" remember CEO's point that incentives differ by type of control
May 19, 15

"Work at a job that offers basic human dignity... Enjoy art, books and playfulness." Pope Francis on happiness

May 15, 15

@tedcurran Great article on CBE and Mastery, we see much confusion on what CBE is vs. just self paced online.

May 15, 15

QOTD from @tedcurran in comments to - Sometimes “academic freedom” looks like “lack of oversight”

May 15, 15

CBE and the non-traditional learner by Pearson's @tedcurran

May 14, 15

“Students’ grades should be based on performing rigorous real-world authentic tasks” #CBE article by @tedcurran,

May 14, 15

Excellent post on Competency vs. Mastery from @tedcurran follow-on to John Ebersole (pres of @ExcelsiorColl) article

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