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Ted Curran

Ted Curran's Public Library

Jul 20, 16

Stephen Fry Launches Pindex, a “Pinterest for Education”

Jul 01, 16

Harry Potter's nemesis joins cast of CW's The Flash

Jun 29, 16

Pioneering Study Reveals More Than 90 Percent of Colleges and Universities Embrace Alternative Credentials

Jun 15, 16

Our online privacy is paramount. And privacy depends on encryption. Learn more:

Jun 08, 16

Great blog on "The Changing Role of Faculty: From Traditional Ed to #CBE" #WCETSummit #competencyed @tedcurran

May 27, 16

Zivix's jamstik+ smart guitar now has Android support

May 25, 16

The Best Critical Thinking Definitions We've Seen on the Web #edchat #criticalthinking

May 12, 16

Spiralling global temperatures from 1850-2016 (full animation)

May 04, 16

@tedcurran We're pleased to share with you our new page with more information for educators considering Sandstorm:

Mar 31, 16

Sean 'Diddy' Combs is opening a social justice charter school in Harlem and I'm going to start a rap label.SMH

Mar 31, 16

Get cozy with Celestial Love Radio, a laid-back playlist for drifting off to sleep.

Mar 23, 16

CTL J5 is a ruggedized Chromebook convertible

Mar 22, 16

Adapt framework V2.0.8 has been released!
Read about the improvements here:

Mar 11, 16

Arifa Intrdocution for the March OTC: via @YouTube

Mar 10, 16

Need to know how to use Adapt?
Start with the documentation:

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