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Ted Curran

Ted Curran's Public Library

@tedcurran would love to hear your thoughts when you check it out further!

@tedcurran Thank you so much for the lovely comments! Keep up the great work, you have no idea how much we appreciate you being a customer!

@tedcurran @PeggySemingson I look forward to meeting you Ted!

@acroom @ReclaimHosting Yay! Didn't know Reclaim would be rep'ing at #et4online. Missing @timmmmyboy & @jimgroom I'll be there Adam.
Apr 16, 15

+1 Interesting interview of @RickyPo with Marcus Banks @mab992 - The Life and Death of an #Open Access Journal: #OA

Apr 15, 15

Blog assignments are not better than journal assignments, but they encourage students to reflect in different ways:

.@oneplus #cm12 is out!

This is me waiting for Cyanogen OS 12. #CM12 #CM12s #Cyanogen #CyanogenMod #OnePlus #OnePlusOne

How can mindfulness help me to sleep at night , when my head is still spinning with all I have to do? #GetMindful
Apr 07, 15

Conservatives, Please Stop Trashing the Liberal Arts.

Even though they are not archival, GitHub et, al have many desirable characteristics: time stamping, versioning. 2/2 @hvdsomp #esrworkshop
Mar 21, 15

Magic Leap shows off AR concept including futuristic Gmail experience (Video) →

@djsfrommars Sat, March 21st headlining at Bootie Sf @bootiemashup @AtLargeDJs
Mar 09, 15

We recently added SOFAD to our #xAPI #TinCanAPI Adopters List. Here's what they've done:

Mar 08, 15

We made you a @sxsw mixtape. #Austin100

#WeaselPecker Disney saw this coming YEARS ago...
Mar 03, 15

Studies show that a todo list is the most complex JS app you can build before a newer, better framework is invented.

Feb 19, 15

Thanks to everybody for great discussion ongoing at G+ re: @tedcurran's blog post: What’s THE BIG PROBLEM in Edtech?

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