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Ted Curran

Ted Curran's Public Library

Sep 01, 15

I knew some of these, but many new ones here too! 40+ Killer Keyboard shortcuts for all browsers you should know. -

Aug 30, 15

If you want to get students thinking, ask a question with more than one good answer.

I endorse Brother @BernieSanders because he is a long-distance runner with integrity in the struggle for justice for over 50 years.
Aug 21, 15

@tedcurran @emmetio @panic check out:

Aug 20, 15

Google introduces OnHub, a sleek Wi-Fi router to join the connected home

@tedcurran So great to re-connect, Ted! Hope all is well in Oakland. Boise is full of fires, as you may recall is typical this time of year.
Aug 19, 15

@tedcurran Thank you for sharing. I posted your content on

Stat dropped: 80% of surveyed #CompetencyEd institutions report problems with manually tracking substantive interaction. #imsglobal
Aug 13, 15

Increasing curricular efficiency is not a very exciting goal, but I'm encouraged by the cross-disciplinary approach:

Jul 29, 15

Designing a better #teachericon—times are changing, so are the icons. #edtech via @EdSurge

@tedcurran @JNUrain We have plans to enable multiple accounts per Channel, but we don't have any specific timeline to share. Stay tuned!
Jun 24, 15

@tedcurran @googlephotos This is the objective of this group to make this happen! check this out :)

@tedcurran @googlephotos It is possible with owncloud! And then you would need a plugin to micropub from owncloud to wordpress!

Choices, choices
Jun 11, 15

Nuance? What is that, French? by @jessicahagy Too true!

@tedcurran I am real follower!!! :)
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