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Ted Curran

Ted Curran's Public Library

Nov 24, 15

Tracking for the @kvraudio One Synth Challenge again in @renoise, this time with OXE FM.

@tedcurran @creativecommons Glad to have you on board, Ted! Love being able to help out teachers and students <3
Oct 28, 15

Faster browsing is here. Get our best Firefox yet.

Oct 21, 15

PROsocial Deconstructivism – @tedcurran

cc'ing @tedcurran and @mfeldstein67 Post didn't position teachers vs. video; it positioned techniques vs. ideology

@PhilOnEdTech @tedcurran Right. I wasn’t objecting to using videos and quizzes with teachers.
Oct 09, 15

THE UNIDENTIFIED: dystopian YA about education tranformed into a giant,heavily sponsored game

Oct 04, 15

#Essentialreading in #edtech : Digital Learning Quadrants dispel the myth of the "digital native" millennial learner-

Oct 02, 15

If you're interested in #EdTech news &amp; resources, check out @tedcurran's collections of sites he follows on feedly

Sep 24, 15

Ted Curran @tedcurran on why badges

Sep 15, 15

The politician we have been waiting for, a modern statesmen who befriends even his enemies #bernie #bernieatliberty

Sep 11, 15

Build a Web Page Fast with @tedcurran

Sep 01, 15

I knew some of these, but many new ones here too! 40+ Killer Keyboard shortcuts for all browsers you should know. -

Aug 30, 15

If you want to get students thinking, ask a question with more than one good answer.

I endorse Brother @BernieSanders because he is a long-distance runner with integrity in the struggle for justice for over 50 years.
Aug 21, 15

@tedcurran @emmetio @panic check out:

@tedcurran So great to re-connect, Ted! Hope all is well in Oakland. Boise is full of fires, as you may recall is typical this time of year.
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