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Sep 26, 16

nablus petition anti-zionism, anti jewish migration, nablus part of greater syria, what called southern syria..

  • Aerial bombing, in fact, was a prime tool of European colonial power projection in the Middle East. Eight years after the Wright Brothers first flew, on November 1, 1911, an Italian aircraft bombed Turkish positions from the air during Italy's colonial invasion of Libya, the very first aerial bombing, as I noted during the air campaign against Qadhafi. During the Iraqi uprising against the British Mandate in 1920-21, Britain, having honed its bombing skills in World War I, used aerial bombing against Iraqi villages.
  • The cause was the Great Syrian Revolt in 1925-1927. Begun as a Druze revolt under Sultan al-Atrash, it spread to most of France's Syrian Mandate and at its height saw some 50,000 French troops deployed to put it down. French Governor-General Maurice Sarrail bombed the city for 48 hours and it is said that some 1,500 died. Bombardments continued into March 1926. An account of the use of French Air Power is here.
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