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about 2 hours ago

People often think #noemail means other digital tools, but actually it's about using the right tool #socialnow

— Liz Christopher (@LizCpher) February 11, 2016

about 3 hours ago

Today's #mustread post goes to @Synesthesia for this superb reflection on #pkmastery & making sense of #socbiz

— Luis Suarez (@elsua) February 11, 2016

about 4 hours ago

@Synesthesia See e.g. plus much else on my blog. :)

— Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) February 11, 2016

  • Truth, we thought, was more likely to live in webs of ideas and responses than in the mouth of any one individual braying from soapbox, whether that soapbox was The New York Times or a blogger read by five people. By linking and commenting, we were consciously building a social space for voices in conversation.
  • Constructing social networks by blogging takes work. You have to read, respond, post. You have to stay on top of the topics sweeping through what used to be called the “blogosphere.”
  • there’s also a place for the sound of the individual’s own flawed voice in open conversation with others, building something bigger than itself.

  • I’ve been talking a lot about our fascination with “StreamMode”, the current dominant mode of social media
  • StreamMode is the approach to organizing your thoughts as a history, integrated primarily as a sequence of events.
  • You know that you are in StreamMode if you never return to edit the things you are posting on the web.

1 more annotation...

  • StreamMode (that running serialization that sees all things as sequenced speech events)
  • StateMode (that iterative mode which sees our work as existing as a sort of snapshot of us and our ideas)

  • A word of caution: Only do this on commits that haven’t been pushed an external repository. If others have based work off of the commits that you’re going to delete, plenty of conflicts can occur. Just don’t rewrite your history if it’s been shared with others.
Feb 10, 16

DO NOT do this if your changes have already been pushed to a shared upstream!

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