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Stevestoneky's Public Library

Jun 23, 15

Direct links to ALA's various reading lists, lists of literary recognition, and book award winners. The lists are sorted by age group.

Jun 19, 15

Google sets up feedback loop in its image recognition neural network, creating hallucinatory images that veer from beautiful to terrifying

Jun 19, 15

Play the Space Race or the Peace Corps on you iPad

found by Stacey Boston June 2015

Jun 17, 15

Welcome to PMI Making project management indispensable for business results.®

We serve practitioners and organizations with standards that describe good practices, globally recognized credentials that certify project management expertise, and resources for professional development, networking and community.

Jun 17, 15

From lifesaving implants to cutting edge fashion, 3D printing is the gift that keeps on giving. What will this additive technology do next? Well, 3D print a steel bridge in mid-air, of course.

Jun 16, 15

Open and free access to information, and thus knowledge and education, is being stripped from our core rights as humans and citizens of the world. We are being force-fed what to read, how to read a...

Jun 15, 15

Budgets shouldn't be about denial. They should be about empowered spending and realistic trade-offs.

Jun 15, 15

Jun 15, 15

As I’m writing this, the McKay family is about to head off for our annual family vacation. There’s a surprising number of to-dos that need to be cros

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