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Feb 03, 16

What is Slader?
Slader is a user-generated academic platform for high school and college students. Our three main features are Solutions, Tutoring, and Q&A.

What are solutions?
Our Solutions product offers millions of user-generated solutions in thousands of the most popular textbooks.

What is Q&A?
Q&A allows users to ask questions and provide answers for problems and concepts not found in textbooks.

What is tutoring?
Tutoring allows users to connect with their peers and help each other understand concepts using our online whiteboard and chat functionality.

Does Slader cost money?
Slader is always FREE to use! If you’d like to experience Slader without ads, then we allow that option here []. If you’d like to connect with a Pro Tutor, that will also cost you Slader gold. You can purchase gold here.

  • The idea was based in part by Tidewater Community College’s all-Open Educational Resources (OER) or “Z-Degree” program, a business degree that uses open educational materials. Tidewater and Northern Virginia Community College started using OER textbooks in 2013. Over the last three years, more than 100 faculty members at 16 community colleges have created more than 70 open courses.
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