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Jul 03, 15

Maybe time 2 experiment w/ #liquiddemocracy and granular delegation within project frameworks

Jun 30, 15

Why Communities Are Building #MeshNetworks #1stReads for @msummer @stevesong

Jun 27, 15

@stevesong Aha here is an older one

Jun 20, 15 in Bolivia Worth reading @stevesong article on NetNeutrality in Africa

Jun 18, 15

So we have an update from @ICTAuthorityKE on NOFBI @stevesong @stevemusilih quite vague though..

Jun 14, 15

Lots of room to improve Internet plumbing in Africa, including cities as connected as Nairobi. @michukis @stevesong

Jun 11, 15

Must-read! @dgolumbia casts skepticism on dogmas of sharing economy via externalities created by "crowdforcing".

Jun 10, 15

@stevesong Check out this link that will show you our fibre ring within Kenya and beyond

Jun 09, 15

Thoughful interview with @stevesong by @OpenMatt. Designing for trust: the hidden value of trust at work
Designing for trust - interview w @stevesong via the incomparable @bella_velo

Jun 08, 15

Cooperation, cheating, and collapse in biological populations - great lecture by Jeff Gore

May 30, 15

I like thiiiis: No Ditching

May 24, 15

@stevesong Did you know you can file baggage complaints about @AirCanada service w Transport Canada?

May 15, 15

bigdata research often fails b/c it's supported by a positivist ideology poorly equipped to describe the social world

May 14, 15

.@thehill has @evanmengstrom talking about why startups need competition in mobile broadband:

May 09, 15

Unlike @mashable @verge @TIME @arstechnica @techreview, actual results of the FB study, not its spin, in the @nymag:

May 08, 15

out today: The Book of Phoenix | Nnedi Okorafor @stevesong

May 08, 15

“How Facebook’s Algorithm Suppresses Content Diversity (Modestly) & How the Newsfeed Rules the Clicks” by @zeynep

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