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  • In 2010, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announced that its fifth assessment of global warming (slated for publication in 2014) will for the first time evaluate geoengineering technologies.
  • The second kind of geoengineering, which falls under the broad rubric of “solar radiation management” (SRM), seeks to regulate the earth’s increasing temperatures by reflecting a greater amount of sunlight back into space.
  • Silver Lining, Carbon Engineering Ltd. and Intellectual Ventures—seeking patents for a range of new technologies. And British billionaire Richard Branson has offered a prize of $25 million for the best plan to extract carbon from our atmosphere.

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  • “The very nature of science means it does probability and likelihood, not certainty. So it’s only natural as human beings, that when we hear there’s a 95% chance of something bad happening, we cling onto the 5% that it won’t.  You wouldn’t get in a car with a 95% chance of crashing, but we seem happy to take an equivalent level of risk with climate change.

  • the more clear the natural science gets, the less people care
  • the more clear the natural science gets, the less people care
  • the more clear the natural science gets, the less people care,
18 Dec 12

Easy-to-use tool for creating multimedia presentations include text, audio, video, maps, etc.; interactive viewing (either user-commanded or click-to-play as multimedia video).

14 Dec 11

Good ideas about blowing up the old media models by this local niche health site in Kansas. Worth pondering by college publishers.

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  • modes of delivering non-fiction content across platforms.
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