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Stephen Thergesen

Stephen Thergesen's Public Library

about 22 hours ago

Mythology and Folklore is out! Stories via @NicolaESheridan @valler369 @Maribellum

about 22 hours ago

RT @stephentimothy Is isolation the price of the amazing independence we have access to these days? < TYSM!

Jul 04, 15

Markthal in Rotterdam is simply an architectural beauty. On the inside is this massive fre…

@stephentimothy @YouTube thanks a lot for the share, it's a fantastic help as always!!

Do not apologize for your #mentalhealth diagnosis; you wouldn't apologize for having #diabetes @ProjectUROK @pgionfriddo @AskDrNandi #stigma

@stephentimothy @LinkedIn Thanks Stephen. All the best, Milos
Jul 01, 15

My ELT is out! Graças a @stephentimothy

Jun 30, 15

Documenting the diversity of American English: HT @stephentimothy

Jun 29, 15

@DaisiesWiltingI Know You're In There Somewhere
#mentalhealth causes many to hide within ourselves
#TimeToTalk plsRT

Jun 28, 15

@stephentimothy @philerator @MAMartin5995 You might like this one too! ;-)
#mythology #art

Jun 28, 15

Robin Hood’s Secret Castle HT @stephentimothy

Jun 27, 15

@stephentimothy Thanks a lot for featuring me in the TESOL Daily!

@stephentimothy @Yola_Mtz @Loopy63 thanks a lot for using my audioboom
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