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Stephen Thergesen

Stephen Thergesen's Public Library

about 3 hours ago

Thanks for the recent follow @stephentimothy @Mick_Holloway Happy to connect :) have a great Friday. (insight by

Jul 30, 15

#Myth and the #Underworld- More Myth courses-> @GMythology @stephentimothy @Tweetmags

@stephentimothy Thank you @AxteleraRay @strkay @EwRmadrid

Primping in front of a tire, next to the radiator.

When the power of love takes over the love of power, that's when things will change. #JimiHendrix
Jul 26, 15

Leadership Glossary, Principles and Future Trends

@stephentimothy Thanks a lot Stephen. Best, Milos

Hi @stephentimothy - Thanks for the mention Stephen it's much appreciated
Jul 25, 15

Victorian Fairy Tales – edited by Michael Newton HT @stephentimothy

Thank you for following me on Twitter! @at_the_beach @petar_stipanovi @Urban_Min @kontextdenker @stephentimothy @masova1983 @hanna_tanubala

@stephentimothy @ArtistSeanSeal @HJBlenkinsop Cheers for the #story links, Stephen :) :)

@stephentimothy Thank you
Jul 20, 15

I just found Stephen Thergesen on — check it out! /cc @stephentimothy
Found Stephen Thergesen's cool page on — Wonderful art! /cc @stephentimothy #English #tutor #Colorado

Jul 19, 15

The War of Southern Aggression,here we quantify it -it was at least 85% about Slavery

Jul 17, 15

Crikey, made it into a daily with one of my OWN tweets! Usually it's a promo for someone else! Hooray for #Folklore!

Hi @stephentimothy - Thanks for the mention Stephen it's much appreciated

@stephentimothy Thanks very much for sharing information about the individual adult ESL lessons I offer in the DC metro area! Leslie Lass
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