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  • So, obeying the angels, the shepherd-boy lifted a very large and heavy stone all by himself and declared that it was the first stone of the bridge that he was going to build. 
      The local people were very impressed and decided to help build the bridge.  They believed that the boy's strength, when lifting the heavy stone, had come from God.

      The shepherd-boy is now known as Saint Bénézet and many Christian pilgrims visit the bridge that he built. 
      Bénézet died young from exhaustion, at the age of 18 years.  He did not live to see the completed bridge.  The bridge took very many years to construct and was completed a year or so
      after his death.   Bénézet's feast day is 14 April.

      Saint Bénézet is the patron saint of architects because of the great bridge that he built.  He is often seen in images as a shepherd boy carrying a heavy stone.  (Below)
  • Bénézet's tomb is in the Church of Saint-Didier, Avignon.

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