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about 6 hours ago

Looks like a fantastic line-up!

Aug 20, 16

There's a concept in Japanese medicine called "forest bathing." It's very simple. You go and be…

Aug 18, 16

I’m a little choked up. To my P’ville students, I’m thinking of all of you tonight.

Aug 16, 16

@thereadingzone Have you seen this awesome kid?

Aug 12, 16

More fun facts that can be found in my book Women In Science! Get yours at #womeninstem

Aug 11, 16

Same, same! :) (PSST… co-conspirator….LHA will be in PHILLY!)

Aug 09, 16

Green carpet with my girl. Such a cool night.

Aug 08, 16

@ladybookmad If you watch the family of six episode this is a funny breakdown: @thereadingzone

Aug 07, 16

The App That Aims To Gamify Biology Has Amateurs Discovering New Species

Aug 06, 16

Place every single student- no exceptions- on a reading journey. @pennykittle #engchat

Aug 06, 16

A great science content #picturebook What happens because of an acorn? #pernillerecommends…

Aug 06, 16

One more reason to bring my dog to class: How to Give a Better Speech: Talk to a Dog

Aug 06, 16

Digital mentor text: #shebelieves What does it say? Not say? How does it say it? How could you imitate it? #engchat

Aug 05, 16

Catching up on Book Love Podcasts while folding laundry. So much wisdom from @pennykittle & others. Thank you!

Aug 05, 16

Crows can remember faces and keep grudges. This book looks like a must-buy, bird lovers!

Aug 05, 16

Why Calculus Is At The Root Of The STEM Gender Gap

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