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Jul 22, 16

@smalljones takes 2nd place for poem “Clear Channel”; honorable mention for “Basketball Is a Kind of Poetry”

Jul 15, 16

One for the #noemail & #lawwm fans! @simongterry doing some fine tackling of both M&Ms (Meetings & Mail) #socbiz

Jul 13, 16

@smalljones Thinking about your class amid Pokémon Go mania!

Jul 12, 16

.@meredithclark and I are quoted in this WSJ piece on the recent BLM protests (sub req'd)

Jul 11, 16

'Pokemon GO' is about to surpass Twitter in daily active users

Jul 08, 16

Browse free or die? New Hampshire library is at privacy fore
cc @smalljones (u prolly knew this)

Jul 06, 16

OK, *this* is how you write a "libraries are hell of relevant" piece.

Jul 04, 16

"Our email is completely secure" RT @hackernewsbot: E-mail from Bill (1994)... attn @smalljones

Jul 01, 16

Messaging Apps: Average Usage Time Around the World

Jun 30, 16

If you feel like you're spending 95% of your workday in meetings, on the phone and responding to email:

Jun 30, 16

How to Break Open the Web: a report on the first Decentralized Web Summit

Jun 29, 16

UNC-Chapel Hill A great match – college grads who want medical experience and clinics that have needs

Jun 29, 16

Some Companies Are Banning Email and Getting More Done

Jun 29, 16

I remember a Heinlein character who said female writers should have names that end in A. Stranger in Strange Land?

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