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paul jones

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about 4 hours ago

Great read >> Work #Email Is Dying. What’s Next? #noemail RT @simbeckhampson

Oct 02, 15

Job: Head of Digital Research Services, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries (@UNCLibrary) #DLFjobs

Oct 02, 15

My conversation with Dani Rodrik, on trade, Orhan Pamuk, the future of Turkey, and much much more,, transcript too.

Oct 02, 15

Like that wasn't expected. If @HillaryClinton wins, I'm proposing she only be supplied with post-it notes. #NOemail

Oct 01, 15

and keep @DailyGrind_CH grinding RT @smalljones Keep the #UNC in UNC Student Stores - Sign the Petition! via @Change

Oct 01, 15

Ad network will respect Do-Not-Track headers

Sep 30, 15

There many assumptions made about the future of's how #noemail fits in with the big picture

Sep 30, 15

RT @elsua: Life w/o eMail - Episode XVI - The Phases of Change: Loss #NoeMail - / Today's episode is now in the books

Sep 27, 15

Dear #OpenMRS people with telephone anxiety, I'm sorry. <3

Sep 22, 15

I wrote about how hard it is to pay for content online, and what might just work.

Sep 20, 15

On the web ~daily for decades. Number of times I willingly clicked on an ad outside of Google search? Close to zero.

Sep 17, 15

Ohhh, on top of mastering #noemail we'll help transform the way you work & collaborate. Join us ;-) .cc @ananeves

Sep 17, 15

♺ @BKneuer: "...Now I just have an Indox" < @elsua - For your collection :-) / I know a few living by it! #noemail

Sep 15, 15

"Librarian of Congress” Only 251 images are available. Add @brewster_kahle: nonlinear results!

Sep 12, 15

NC House and Senate conferees agree to keep Office of Charter Schools within DPI

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