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about 21 hours ago

I would like to associate myself with the observation of Ireland's distinguished Minister of Equality.

about 21 hours ago

My interview with Edward Snowden has been translated into French, thanks to @UlycesEditions:

May 22, 15

4pm UK GMT WATCH: "Why won't any of my colleagues embrace #noemail?" Live #vodcast with @elsua @claireburge
Life w/o eMail - Episode VIII - Why Won't Any of My Colleagues Embrace #NoeMail? - / We are LIVE! :-D

May 22, 15

Splendid article by @TheRichDB on why he got started w/ his #noemail journey. Perfect segway for today's vodcast ;)

May 22, 15

How the Biggest Fabricator in Science Got Caught @armarcus and I tell the tale in @NautilusMag

May 21, 15

Indeed, tomorrow both @claireburge & myself are on for another #noemail vodcast. Topic: why is it so hard? ;) heh

May 18, 15

.@EmilieMeck @collinstw I sure will! Let me start w/ this intro > 3 years later as relevant as ever #TChat #noemail
.@AllthingsIC @Helenw7 I’ve been doing #noemail for 7.5 years. See for + info @theICcrowd @laurie_NoJAC #noemail

May 18, 15

Digital Forensics and Digital Preservation: An Interview with Kam Woods of BitCurator

May 15, 15

For those who may have missed it this year, starting to work on 6/6/16 for #noemailday w/ @lordlancaster :) #noemail

May 14, 15

Dr. Jane Greenberg to give keynote at #HITS2015 this afternoon on #MetaDataCAPTL. Program:

May 14, 15

"E-Mail sucks up 30% of workdays" -Would a radical prohibition gift us time and efficiency? #NoEmail

May 14, 15

#NoEmailDay 5/5/15 Hangout with @elsua & @claireburge > #NoEmail

May 13, 15

And TOS issues. Remember Facebook didn't allow breastfeeding pics till recently. Can you publish on maternal health?

May 11, 15

Superleuke blog @bibmanblog over boek We Quit Mail #wqm #noemail

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