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4 minutes ago

@smalljones You've been quoted in a #SwitchPoint Twitter summary "Digital Witness: Photography in Crisis Zones"

Apr 24, 15

Here's the full #FixedTerm Faculty Committee website, with new resources at the bottom. #FacCouncil

Apr 24, 15

Hooray, UNC #FacCouncil unanimously adopts open access resolution! Thanks to @SPARC_NA for getting that ball rolling.

Apr 23, 15

Great case for #noemail (or less anyway) and breaking up work with periods of fun, learning, leisure etc.

Apr 22, 15

I'm a giant squid! What's your Earth Day #GoogleDoodle quiz animal?

Apr 21, 15

RT @NoEmailDayHQ: 'The return of #NoEmailDay - May 5, 2015' (Great blog by Paul Jones @smalljones #NoEmail) / Yay!!

Apr 21, 15

Why email is killing corporate productivity [new research] #noemail

Apr 20, 15

@wayan_vota @meowtree @MKaigwa @PatrickMeier @INNOV8game @durhamite @pgaye @smalljones coming in for #SwitchPoint !

Apr 20, 15

.@O2 survey finds 35% of British workers feel 'overwhelmed' by their bulging inboxes #NoEmailDay #NoEmail

Apr 19, 15

Fall of SMS to WhatsApp, WeChat, etc #noemail #uncchapelhill

Apr 17, 15

Parents drove past Gaffney. Got a text. "Just saw the big peach or is it the big butt? HaHa" MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Apr 17, 15

The L.A. school district has ended its iPad program, and it's seeking a refund from Apple:

Apr 17, 15

Tata Drives Employee Adoption of Social Platform #ESN #noemail #WorkLikeaNetwork

Apr 16, 15

Why Email Will Be Obsolete by 2020. via @Inc #nwow #noemail

Apr 16, 15

.@noahsparks Yes! And this is the post I was referring to > #noemail #ESNChat

Apr 16, 15

Life w/o eMail - Episode V - What Can Be Done? by @andyswann #noemail - // On the challenges of going #noemail :)

Apr 09, 15

Life w/o eMail - Episode V - What Can Be Done? by Andy Swann #noemail: vía @YouTube

Apr 08, 15

For #NationalPoetryMonth, here's one of my favorite poets, Carolyn Forché, reading "The Museum of Stones":

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