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Aug 01, 15

Just Listed: 8 Cutting-Edge Libraries of the Late C20

Jul 31, 15

#MarkZuckerberg better change his @facebook status… he’s going to be a father!

Jul 30, 15

Rep. Caldwell. Annotations are part and parcel of the Official Code even if you call them miscellaneous ephemera.

Jul 29, 15

The unlikely intersection of @realDonaldTrump and @smalljones. #noemail

Jul 29, 15

I guess 1998 was the year I got really serious about government info. Still, didn’t know what a public printer was.

Jul 26, 15

“@RollingStone: Bob Dylan's electric guitar back at #NewportFolk for 50th anniversary” Happy 50th anniversary Bob!!!

Jul 25, 15

@smalljones RT @ArsTechnicaUK: Researchers claim they’ve developed a better, faster Tor by @thepacketrat

Jul 22, 15

Awesome/huge: Microsoft now removing revenge porn from Bing, OneDrive & XBox ht @ma_franks @cagoldberglaw

Jul 20, 15

Getting Started With #NoEmail (Part 2): "Unsubscribe"

Jul 18, 15

Can't wait to hear the sweet tunes of Avant-Garde Jazz Guitarist @BillFrisell on Nov. 20th!

Jul 16, 15

Life w/o eMail - Episode XII - #NoeMail - 6 Months On with Lee Mallon: vía @YouTube

Jul 15, 15

For STS nerds of @moogfest: Trevor Pinch's "Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer"

Jul 14, 15

"“Our results suggest that mobile phones can disrupt attention performance even if one does not interact with the device,” write the study’s authors. “As mobile phones become integrated into more and more tasks, it may become increasingly difficult for people to set their phones aside and concentrate fully on the task at hand, whatever it may be.”"

Jul 13, 15

@smalljones upside: getting to make a themed playlist.

Jul 12, 15

"I read to be inside the skins of people in interesting and difficult times and places." Shannon Ravenel #amreading

  • that we may avoid erecting a numerous democracy.”
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