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paul jones

paul jones's Public Library

about 12 hours ago

Surprisingly, ISIS fanboys and girls didn't care for my profile of Baghdadi as a murderous control freak.

Aug 31, 15

Jürgen Habermas & Charles Taylor will share this year’s $1.5 million Prize for Achievement in the Study of Humanity.

Aug 29, 15

♺ @philsimon: Join @elsua and me for our Google hangout on #MessageNotReceived #noemail Friday - 8 am PST. / W00t! :)
RT @elsua: Life w/o eMail - Episode XV - #MessageNotReceived #NoeMail - / Can I say I'm thrilled, please? :)
Life w/o eMail - Episode XV - Message Not Received by Phil Simon #NoeMail - Google+ (on August 28th, 17h London time
Life w/o eMail - Episode XV - Message Not Received by #philsimon #NoeMail - / Starting up now! :-D

Aug 27, 15

Ha! After reading the book I'm even more excited! Not just for #noemail but for biz comms., too! .cc @philsimon

Aug 27, 15

Hey @whitneytrettien, @wanderjahre, @amwhisnant, @libi_rose, @AllisonPortnow, @pfyfe, @mdjenno, @pme919, @stargould:

Aug 27, 15

Hey @SlackHQ and @asana - you guys get a big name check in my latest blog for @HRZone #noemail

Aug 25, 15

Not just symbolic, this one is for real. Burning Man: The Musical. Let’s sing! Let’s dance! ht @xeni

Aug 24, 15

Posters, Bullhorns & Skirts Help Spread The Word About Vaccines (including #Ebola #vaccine trials). Via @NPR.

Aug 24, 15

RT @Entrepreneur great advice @etiquetteexpert on the #unforgettable #thankyounote #stationery #thought #noemail

Aug 21, 15

Today’s upcoming #UNC #FacCouncil Retreat agenda in @Storify Significant Tweets using #FacCouncil will be added

Aug 21, 15

sarahdessen on Twitter

Aug 17, 15

Chelsea Manning denied access to legal library prior to prison hearing, she says

Aug 14, 15

“If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead,” prof. @henryjenkins #ASCJquoted in @vervemagazine about digital Indian culture:

Aug 10, 15

Collection of privacy and encryption tools for #OpNewBlood on

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