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  • use of PAMS 2.0 can increase learning achievements in collaborative learning environments. Moreover, the results show that the influence of annotation on learning achievements becomes stronger with the use of the sharing mechanism.

  • another strategy to optimize learning is highlighting and annotating. Annotation is a useful strategy because it leads the learner to engage with the content to be annotated to ensure both for its relevance and significance (Su et al., 2010). Annotation practices are particularly useful for knowledge sharing within collaborative learning frameworks (Robert, 2009). Furthermore, annotation practices help collaborative learning by allowing learners to: (1) draw attention of group members to a specific content, (2) organize, index, and discuss the new material, (3) review others’ thoughts in forms of annotations, and (4) improve through constructive feedback and correctives from instructors or experienced learners (Su et al., 2010); thus leading to collaborative exploration and construction of important knowledge.

  • The active learning interventions varied widely in intensity and  implementation, and included approaches as diverse as occasional group problem-solving, worksheets or tutorials completed  during class, use of personal response systems with or without peer instruction, and studio or workshop course designs.
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