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  • higher education change processes are at least as complex as the pedagogies and learning processes they seek to promote
  • engineering lags far behind physics and chemistry education in its engagement with learning theory (NRC, 2012)
  • More recent summaries and reviews attempt to capture the complex higher education change processes that bridge individual and organizational scales (Amundsen & Wilson, 2012; Henderson et al., 2011; Kezar, 2001; Seymour, 2002; Stes, Min-Leliveld, Gijbels, & Van Petegem, 2010)

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  • focused on regular undergraduate MIT subjects
  • enhance faculty-student interactions
  • Grant recipients will be required to attend a workshop on assessment.

  • These findings clearly support the idea that the modality effect can be attributed to early processes in perception and sensory memory rather than to a working memory bottleneck.

  • we take the interaction between alearner and a specific instructional environment as the unit of analysis
  • The small grain size of such theories and the studies that supportthem leave them mostly untested at the larger grain size of knowledge-rich academic learn-ing. Thus, they tend to be insufficient to constrain instructional design choices
  • intermediate cognitive level, which we refer to as theLearn-ing Event level

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  • Squabbles challenge sleepy thinking
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