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  • It is not surprising then that there has also been a tendency until recently to see technology, and in particular computer-aided instruction, as being closely associated with behaviourist approaches to learning

  • The way we teach in higher education will be driven primarily by our beliefs or even more importantly, by the commonly agreed consensus within an academic discipline about what constitutes valid knowledge in the subject area
  • For many experts in a particular field, these assumptions are often so strong and embedded that the experts may not even be openly conscious of them unless challenged
  • all teachers and instructors will approach teaching within one of these main theoretical approaches

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  • these apparent contradictions do not mean that we cannot develop guidelines and techniques to improve the quality of teaching, or that we have no principles or evidence on which to base decisions about teaching, even in a rapidly changing digital age
  • Activity 2.1: What do you think makes a good teacher?


    1. Write down, in order of priority, what you consider to be the three most important characteristics of a good teacher.


    2. When you’ve done that, go to the comment section, add your contribution under the heading 2.1, then compare your answers with those of others who have done this. You can also compare it with my answer in the comment section.


    3. Add your explanation of why your answer differs from others (and mine!).

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