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Suzanne Malley

Suzanne Malley's Public Library

@audreywatters @mdpistilli @bjfr good point re: full study. would like more info on Signals. It's prominent in presentations, not literature

@owen91171737 Great question. Would be interesting to explore the role of power in all this.

I conceptualize disciplinary #literacies as the water you swim in without hardly knowing it.

@sbmalley @amandapalmer @neilhimself @LizaPotts Gaiman/Palmer and doughnuts. Could this class be any more fabulous?
04 Sep 13

"The Social Life of Genes." @David_Dobbs on how our environment changes our gene expression @PacificStand #longreads

@sbmalley first day of class! #fyshn
03 Sep 13

The City as Classroom: Understanding Language and Media - Marshall McLuhan #education #books #mcluhan

22 Jul 13

F8: @jessielmoore points us to for full statement and supporting research. #CWPA13

02 Jun 13

w00t!!! Thank you @ridolfoj for your donation to #ride2cw and the GRN at #cwcon! Join him on the wall of fame. Donate:

14 May 13

Audio interviews w/ an array of DH and digital cultures people conducted by Kate Hayles for her book How We Think: +

03 Apr 13

RT @dmlresearchhub: In Praise of Peer to Peer Connectivity Video Q&A w/ @hrheingold and @techsoc

15 Mar 13

#4c13 Go to Meskeren Ethiopian Cafe!

27 Jan 13

Excellent RT @tmccormick: "If You Can’t Hear Anything Nice, Don’t Hear Anything: Robustness vs. Civility of Networks"

24 Jan 13

Practice test reveals some confusion among the #WRA410ers about class vs. ID. Understandable! Read this:

22 Jan 13

This paper is incredibly interesting: "Gender in Twitter: Styles, Stances, and Social Networks"

16 Jan 13

I have posted a copy of my new book Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking here: Download away

05 Dec 12

For your next, "How did English evolve" lesson:

04 Dec 12

This is WONDERFUL. Someone's animated a bit of my MAKE GOOD ART speech:

05 Nov 12

This is great--> RT @dfreelon: A #bigdata look at Obama and Romney's FB metrics, by me: cc @brainpicker @mashable

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