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Saba Imtiaz

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09 Apr 14

This was the advertisement that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community placed in the Luton on Sunday regional newspaper - which you can read in full here. The advert does go on to quote Prime Minister Davi...

07 Apr 14

The report made by police says seminaries and worship places are used by the TTP terrorists for lodging and sheltering.

01 Apr 14

Syed Munawwar’s controversial statements undermined the Jamaat’s image outside the party.

01 Apr 14

10,000 Pakistan regulars serving in Bahrain’s defence forces, Senate panel informed

01 Apr 14

Senate panel propos­es a strict visa policy for countr­ies that freque­ntly deny entry permit to Pakist­ani lawmak­ers.

01 Apr 14

Investigators conclude that the agency overstated the effectiveness of harsh tactics while hiding details and taking credit where it wasn't due.

28 Mar 14

The tomb of the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire is at the center of leaked recordings purporting to show top officials seeking justification to attack jihadi militants in Syria.

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