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Ruth Howard

Ruth Howard's Public Library

Aug 17, 15

To keep #fracking costs down, they drill close spacings.

Nightmare landscapes

Jul 30, 15

Did you know? Oregano oil can be used for killing parasites and infections! @Mercola

Jul 12, 15

Why Big Hotel Brands Need to Act More Like @Airbnb by @gregoates

Jul 11, 15

A Reflection On Pope Francis’ Clarion Call To #sharetheplanet #Auspol

Jul 11, 15

Minecraft in education is a way to teach, learn and inspire! New site from Microsoft.

Jul 11, 15

Psyched about our #trybeforeyoubuy partnership w/ @airbnb! Win $500 to experience a #neighborhood u want 2 buy into.

Jul 02, 15

What does 752 nude people hitting #Hobart's winter water sound like? @Dark_Mofo #nudeswim #Solstice2015 @936hobart

Jun 24, 15

Adani rumoured to have halted engineering work on controversial Carmichael mine – sources.

Jun 15, 15

Hesta has started dumping coal assets, find out if your super is invested in fossil fuels at #endofcoal #4corners

May 29, 15

Making Computer Science more inviting: #csk8 #kidscancode #girlsincomputing #womenincomputing

Mar 30, 15

New post! Young Innovators' Club, a Pi-based tech & engineering club in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia:

Mar 30, 15

Van Gogh, born on this day in 1853, on art and the power of love—moving letters to his brother

Mar 25, 15

Teach Java to Kids: Minecraft Modding Course at an Elementary School

Mar 25, 15

We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, because all human life depends on it | George Monbiot

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