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Owen Winkler

Owen Winkler's Public Library

27 Feb 14

A new Nikon patent shows how the company may be planning to capitalize on some hot camera tossing action.

31 Oct 13

Trying to remember the name of a speaker? Here’s a list with everyone who graced our stage this year.

11 Oct 13

So we turned a corner today and found this hilarious truck. Banksy, maybe? Turn up the volume!

10 Aug 13

The sun setting over Santiago #nofilter #sunset #andes #chile @ Cumbre Cerro San Cristóbal

04 Jul 13

Yes, this is the story of my life. /w @smerrill

15 Sep 12

Rinmaster at #ignitephilly. where is the gatekeeper?

15 Sep 12

This is what the @Ignitephilly crowd looks like from the stage.

14 Sep 12

Beautiful story about What Open Source Mean to @ringmaster at @ignitephilly

14 Sep 12

@Ringmaster delivers amazing story

01 Sep 12

Could be useful as an alternative parsing engine for Habari templates.

27 Aug 12

An e-book on how to thrive as a freelance developer.

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