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Randolph Hollingsworth

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Feb 11, 15

FTI Consulting report on survey of postsec faculty use of ed tech and innovative pedagogies - 40% surveyed are aware of these high impact strategies but only 20% actually use

Jan 27, 15

“writing for Wikipedia is making a contribution, not being an author” (128) - remember... good articles in Wikipedia need many contributions from many different perspectives - in a way, it's more like presenting pieces of a draft of work at a conference or in a Tweet

Dec 17, 14

Decoding, Meaning Making, Analysing, Persona, Using

Nov 13, 14

who wrote what? did the prof write his student's thesis? if so, wouldn't it still be plagiarism since the prof is trying to use the same content for two different publication purposes?

Nov 06, 14

Curtis reads from her book of the same name - for children aged 4-8
See more at

Nov 04, 14

Institutional Review Boards without workable standards can paternalistic - should help researchers by promoting "good consent" and serving as information brokers

Oct 29, 14

Key Trends Accelerating Higher Ed Tech Adoption inc social media and big data; Significant Challenges inc low digital fluency of faculty and keeping education relevant; Important Developments in Ed Tech inc learning analytics, "quantified self" and virtual assistants

Oct 27, 14

free, open, turns drawing into .pdf which is emailed
relies on Flash but there is another version for iPads and Android tablets

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