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10 Apr 14

table of contents for all their publications including these topics:

Alliance for Race Equity (5 Documents)
Class Action Reform (4 Documents)
Institutional Analysis (7 Documents)
Jim Casey Youth Opportunities (1 Documents)
Community Partnerships for the Protection of Children (32 Documents)
Pregnant and Parenting Youth (2 Documents)
All Child Welfare Documents (89 Documents)

10 Apr 14

hosted by the Neighborhood Investment team of the Center for the Study of Social Policy - provides real-time information on how to access and influence key funding opportunities to support strategies to improve results for low-income children and families.

10 Apr 14

Authors: Oronde Miller, Frank Farrow, Judith Meltzer, Susan Notkin
March 2014
Center for the Study of Social Policy

08 Apr 14

includes Figure 1. Spectrum of Community Involvement in Research

04 Apr 14

Professors across the United States participated in the first direct effort by the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that supports Wikipedia, to engage the academic community and integrate Wikipedia into a class assignment. Three project participants, from different areas of study, conducted independent research into university student motivations for a Wikipedia assignment. We triangulate those data in this paper to describe how student motivations differ for a Wikipedia assignment from a traditional research paper assignment. Several themes emerged through the research; many of the dominant themes were linked. The global audience both motivated and intimidated students. Students appreciated the usefulness of contributing to Wikipedia and found satisfaction in making information accessible to the public worldwide. Students engaged with an online community and appreciated feedback and collaboration. Some recognized a degree of possessiveness that they felt toward the article. Both instructors and students observed that student research and writing skills improved. Overall, qualitative data indicated that students are more engaged in a Wikipedia assignment than a traditional research paper assignment.

04 Apr 14

Developed by the Berkman Center - collaboration among law school clinics and the Electronic Frontier Foundation - "Chilling Effects aims to support lawful online activity against the chill of unwarranted legal threats." and help inform those who got cease and desist letters about their rights.

24 Feb 14

by Michell Hodara, October 2013 (Education Northwest, part of an initiative out of the Community College Research Center)

in list: University High

14 Feb 14

by Emily C. Weinstein, Harvard University
International Journal of Communication 8 (2014), 210-233.

Social media have dramatically altered the communication landscape, offering novel contexts for individual expression. But how do youth who are civically engaged off-­line manage opportunities for civic expression on social media? Interviews with 70 U.S.-­based civic youth aged 15 to 25 revealed three main patterns characterizing the
relationship between off-­line participation and online expression: blended, bounded, and differentiated. Five sets of empirically derived considerations influencing expression
patterns emerged: organizational policies, personal image and privacy, perceived alignment with civic goals, attitudes toward the platform(s), and perceptions of their audience(s). Most civic youth express the civic online, yet a minority highlight tensions that lead them to refrain from sharing in certain or all online context.

17 Jan 14

Suggested facilitation skills for leading conversations about diversity are included in the draft curriculum and resources file...

17 Jan 14

(see page 2)
"Dr. Perry presented her analysis and outcomes over a four year period of the social inequalities in school discipline (suspensions) with in Fayette County Public Schools."

17 Jan 14

Who does diversity include? Each of us! We all bring something unique to the table. What is it about your body, mind, or experience that makes you unique?

This movement aims to stretch our thinking about diversity, to have us explore our contribution to the diversity of our commonwealth, and to help one another build a more inclusive Kentucky for us all.

We are Kentucky.

We are diversity.

27 Dec 13

includes webinar on how to start a research project

27 Dec 13

Most high school students say they've cheated on a test in the past year, and even more say they've copied homework or other assignments, according to a recent survey. Author Jessica Lahey says it isn't all the students' fault. Lahey and Professor James Lang speak with guest host Celeste Headlee about creating cheat-free classrooms.

23 Dec 13

inc a panel of grad school admissions officers and hiring managers

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