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Randolph Hollingsworth

Randolph Hollingsworth's Public Library

Dec 18, 15

Aspirations in Computing is a talent development pipeline initiative of the National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT) designed to increase women's meaningful participation in computing careers by providing encouragement, visibility, community, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and internships to high potential technically inclined young women. Aspirations in Computing is the only national level talent development program for young women in computing and information technology.

Dec 18, 15

Why meetup?
With a rapidly growing global virtual community, having a local face-to-face meetup gives Systers
- Connect with local Systers
- Inspire women and girls from the community
- Guide Systers and local women in computing in navigating through challenges at school, at work
and sometimes at home.

Dec 18, 15

Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology founded the Grace Hopper Celebration in 1994. When we started the conference, we had about 500 women attending. Today, we have 12,000 women from 66 countries and 1000 different organizations. Nearly 35% of our attendees are students, 5% are faculty members, and the rest are from industry. We have many tech companies represented. Google has 1,000 people here. Microsoft has 900. We sold out in eight days. Many companies would have brought more people if they could have, but we didn’t have the space. We also have about 800 men, about 4% of the attendees. (from

Dec 17, 15

December = Clara Moskowitz, science writer with Scientific American (undergrad degree in physics from Wesleyan U)

Dec 17, 15

"a main barrier to a strong resurgence in the manufacturing sector is the need for more skilled workers. Women are increasingly outperforming men in acquiring advanced skills and college degrees, yet are vastly underrepresented in the manufacturing workforce. This growing sector would greatly benefit from a more diverse workforce that taps into this talent pool."

Dec 17, 15

Video of panel at Aspen Institute 2014 (1 hr 38 mins)

On March 18, 2014, the Aspen Institute Manufacturing and Society in the 21st Century program, partnering with the Association for Women in Science and the Bertelsmann Foundation,explored why women are an important factor in filling US manufacturing shortages in a focused panel discussion, "Filling the Skills Gap in Manufacturing: The Untapped Resource."
Featured Guests include:

Karen A. Fletcher, Vice President, DuPont Engineering and Chief Engineer
Antoinette (Tonie) Leatherberry, Principal, Deloitte Consulting
Former Senator Blanche Lincoln, Founder and Principal, Lincoln Policy Group
Elizabeth Woo, Vice Presdient, Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation
Session Moderator: Theresa A. Maldonado, Director EEC Division, National Science Foundation

Dec 17, 15

The AWIS National Staff are dedicated to serving the its members and championing women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Dec 16, 15

identifies career pathways, supports educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, supports employers in developing a talent pipeline

  • But there’s no denying that, particularly in genres like shooter games, female characters are rare, and when they appear they’re often damsels in distress or decorative temptresses within the male-centered storylines.
  • Most game developers themselves are men, so it’s possible that the issue is less intentional sexism than a lack of diversity among the designers.
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