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Reinhard Lanner

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Apr 22, 16

"Google Is Preparing To Test A New Travel App Sometime Next Week"

Apr 21, 16

"Live TV listings are headed to Google search results"

Apr 18, 16

"As services based on artificial intelligence improve, they need a way to talk to real people". Yes!!

Apr 18, 16

Gartner: Algorithms take #DigitalBusiness to the next level. #GartnerSYM

Apr 18, 16

Education vs work skills: what do employers really want? #work #skills #edchat

Apr 18, 16

Your future fast food will be served by a machine. It's not just Wendys ... McDonalds is also looking at automation.

Apr 18, 16

The calendar is so outdated. We refreshed it just for you. #follow #calendar #app

Apr 15, 16

Hier noch einmal der Link zur #Snapchat-Präsentation, die ich bei meinem Vortrag beim #contentday16 ansprach:

Apr 09, 16

Sehr coole animation teilanimiert von @zwupp @ruckspiel #forwardfestival

Mar 30, 16

Facebook Apps for Marketers: What You Need To Know: As you may know, Facebook has 1.59 Billion ... via @marismith

Mar 23, 16

„VR ermöglicht Urlaub auf Probe. Beinahe.“ @reinhardlanner über Virtual Reality im Tourismus

Mar 23, 16

LIVE on #Periscope: The Live Video Revolution has begun! Are you in?

Mar 18, 16

Unsere Präse von der #AFBMC ist online: „5 Thesen, wie man Digital Leader in Marketing & Kommunikation wird“

Mar 12, 16

6 Photographers Shot the Same Person and the Results are Astonishing

Feb 27, 16

Digital transformation initiatives reach beyond marketing - via @SAP_IoT

Feb 27, 16

"My coffee machine has unfollowed me." Internet of Things explained #IoT
via @balone1988

Feb 17, 16

As #TED 2016 is flagged off in Vancouver, here are top 9 things that make a TED successful:

Feb 17, 16

Digitalisierung ist leider keine Chefsache. Studie

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