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Jan 31, 16

Listen to every hip-hop hit from 1989 to 2015 using this interactive chart

Jan 29, 16

#Travel brands watch #WhatsApp and #Facebook Messenger moves | @scoopit

Jan 28, 16

Girls just wanna have #beer.

Jan 24, 16

Seeing a quirky world through Anshuman Ghosh’s phone

Jan 24, 16

Somethingelsie: Photo sharing app for sharing experiences, not Selfies. via @tomcoomer

Jan 23, 16

3 key ways for companies to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution #4ir #wef

Jan 21, 16

Anzeige: #newTVKongress am 2.3.2016 in Hamburg : Transformation digitaler Medien. Tickets:

Jan 20, 16

Plattform bauen, Mitarbeiter schulen: Wie Klöckner die digitale Transformation forciert

Jan 18, 16

Die traun sich was, die Salzburger. Salzburg macht auf. Sag ich: Glück auf! #Datenjournalismus #Storytelling
My insane view today an hour or so from #Salzburg in the very same #mountains (and actual location) where...
#öhvhk16 "Wenn man will, dass mehr motivierte Mitarbeiter in den Tourismus gehen, muss man bei den 15-jährigen...

Jan 18, 16

Attention! All eyes on the vacation rental space, please! #trends2016 #hetrasnew

Jan 15, 16

Lesenswert: From AI To Robotics, 2016 Will Be The Year When The Machines Start Taking Over

Jan 11, 16

Sehr lesenswert: Who controls your Facebook Feed

Jan 11, 16

These are the fastest growing #cities for international visitors #travel

Jan 10, 16

The Italian liqueur your winter cocktail needs:

Jan 10, 16

#CES 2016: Apple #HomeKit mit neuen #Gadgets für ein Smart Home - steuerbare Schlössern, Ventilatoren und Jalousien

Jan 10, 16

Good read: Peak content - The collapse of the attention economy

Jan 10, 16

Who has to work the longest to buy an iPhone? #work

Jan 10, 16

Nach dieser #CES ist klar:

Die Zukunft gehört

der Virtuellen Realität

- via @N24

Jan 10, 16

What will be the Apple Watch of 2016? These four tech trends from #CES offer a good guess:

Jan 10, 16

Intel and ESPN partner to showcase real-time athlete performance at the X Games

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