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Adriana Lukas

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21 Apr 14

yep, used to say 3 weeks for the first enthusiasm to wear off, 3 months for it to completely drop off...

04 Apr 14

yes, aggregate data is useful for analysis in many ways, that's clear without the need to get as excited as the article's authors seem to be. but Quantified Us just sounds so wrong, treating the individual as a data-cow for the Greater Data. No thanks. First help me understand and analyse my own data so I can benefit from it, then talk about sharing....

30 Mar 14

Absolutely, what I've been saying ever since I came across QS!

"Motivating behavioral change through data visualization can be very powerful, but it is more of an art than a science. We will need far more artists, user interface experts and psychologists to help make our data work harder to motivate better health."

30 Mar 14

not surprising.. different set of people from the ones who use high-tech tracking devices and also perhaps the perception that they are already part of a system - healthcare - even though inadequate and inefficient for tracking their chronic conditions...

  • Constitutional Court was adopted, which do not fit into the legal framework of Ukraine and Europe at all. Moreover, instructions were given to initiate criminal proceedings against judges. What is it? It's nonsense," the Russian leader stated.
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