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  • Most cloud IaaS is bought for Mode 2 agile IT, emphasizing  developer productivity and business agility, but an increasing amount of cloud IaaS  is  being bought for Mode 1 traditional IT, with an emphasis on cost reduction, safety  and  security. This Magic Quadrant considers both sourcing patterns and their associated  customer behaviors and requirements.
  • the use of the same underlying CMP or API compatibility does not indicate that  two services are interoperable. Specifically, OpenStack-based clouds differ  significantly from one another, limiting portability; the marketing hype of "no  vendor lock-in" is, practically speaking, untrue.
  • It is willing to negotiate large-scale  single-tenant and on-premises deals (such as the U.S. intelligence community  cloud deal).

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  • Now Amazon seems to be getting even more aggressive, and more serious, about moving “up the stack.” No longer content with reselling fractionalized hardware, they’ve set to work building complex software products to serve more of their customers’ needs.

  • still offers the richest suite  of public cloud IaaS capabilities, along with deep and broad PaaS-layer capabilities.
  • AWS is a complex  platform, due to its extensive array of capabilities and options; it takes deep expertise  to take optimal advantage of AWS.
  • AWS is an especially strong choice for digital business and other new applications,  including customer-facing applications, big data and analytics, and back ends for  mobile applications and the Internet of Things. Its extensive suite of services is  useful for improving developer productivity and simplifying operations, and customers  typically use a blend of AWS's IaaS and PaaS capabilities. It is best-suited to a  DevOps style of operations.

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  • . Even documenting something as simple as a fast food burger with just seven ingredients might involve as many as 20 tier-1 suppliers, and even more at the next tier down. "Y

  • delivering software-led infrastructure as a converged appliance significantly reduces IT costs
  • delivering a converged application appliance has the potential to reduce the number of elements, increase savings, and decrease time-to-value even further
  • Pivot3 is a major contributor to the migration of video surveillance from the analog to the digital world

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Nov 07, 15

"Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor"

Nov 07, 15

"The world’s most stunning social media monitoring platform"

  • Many marketers lack a basic understanding of what is possible and how to get started, even though many personalization capabilities are very accessible today.
  • The research indicates that only 20 percent of B2B buyers purchase mostly from a sales representative today

  • Econsultancy and Adobe.
  • largest share (90%) of client-side marketers surveyed see the desktop website experience as being central to CX, with the mobile website (86%) and email (85%) close behind.
  • digital advertising emerged as a CX focus for a greater share of respondents than offline brand advertising (77% and 58%, respectively).

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