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  • Flo tracks some pretty basic symptoms, mood, and some neat other things like "travel" and "injury" that most other apps don't

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  • Privacy and legal teams can spend days working to meet regulatory obligations after an incident and still not be 100 percent confident they’ve fulfilled their requirements
  • The Privacy Module is built on the world’s largest knowledgebase of global regulatory requirements – and is continually updated in real time by Resilient’s team of privacy and legal experts

  • provides dynamic action plans for more than 18 different incident types, and best practices for responding to all incident types (from malware to DDoS to lost devices)
  • Team members can instantly access data from more than a dozen cyber threat intelligence feeds and other integrated cyber security and IT systems.


  • The Resilient Enterprise IRP is built for large, varied systems of major enterprises. The Resilient Commercial IRP is an economical, yet powerful, IR solution most valuable to mid-sized organizations

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  • The proposal, constructed over several years with feedback from more than 200 banking and insurance companies, aims to avoid dictating exactly how companies secure their businesses but is still more prescriptive than federal regulation, raising the dangerous possibility companies will prioritize compliance over what actually works, said Grossman.
  • Most smaller financial services companies — and the law firms, accountants and marketing firms that support the giants — will need to step up investment in cybersecurity protections if the proposed rule is adopted. That by itself is a good thing, said industry experts

  • The proposed cyber regulations also require annual risk assessments and penetration testing, in which hackers test cyberdefenses, encryption of all nonpublic information transmitted to a bank or stored by it, and hiring and training of cybersecurity-focused employees.

  • The method is relatively simple. When a hacker steals a database of hashed passwords, to reverse engineer the hashes (convert them back to passwords) the hacker generates hashes from a dictionary of words he thinks might be the passwords that were used. If any of those hashes match what he has in the database, he has managed to reverse engineer a hash and now knows what the original password is.
  • The problem is that generating hashes of words takes time. Each word might take a few milliseconds to hash. So you need a very fast computer to do this. Or alternatively you can take a very large dictionary of well-known passwords, generate hashes from all the words and store the words and their hashes. Then every time you steal a password database you can just reuse that list of words and their hashes. You don’t need to recreate the hashes every time. All you need to do is match your list of hashes with hashes in the password database and where you get a match you’ve cracked the password.


    What we’ve just described is called a “Rainbow Table”. Rainbow tables are a method commonly used by hackers to crack password databases that use ordinary hashing without any additional security. Rainbow table attacks on hashed password databases are very effective because they are fast. To help protect against these kinds of attacks, developers and system administrators came up with a technique called ‘Salting’ Passwords.

  • turns out that modern graphics processing hardware (GPUs or graphics processing units) is very good at hashing and can do it in parallel. Using an off-the-shelf high-end gaming graphics card you can hash passwords thousands of times faster than even the fastest CPU on the market

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  • For some kinds of password hash, ordinary desktop computers can test over a hundred million passwords per second using password cracking tools running on a general purpose CPU and billions of passwords per second using GPU-based password cracking tools.
  • . When ordinary desktop computers are combined in a cracking effort, as can be done with botnets, the capabilities of password cracking are considerably extended. I
  • As of 2011, available commercial products claim the ability to test up to 2,800,000,000 passwords a second on a standard desktop computer using a high-end graphics processor

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  • Crackers steal a copy of the password file from a machine; that file contains the encrypted value of your password

  • only takes five minutes to hack a lower-case-only password with six characters or less.
  • Hackers that guess your password are the ones that already know some information about you
    • Name combinations (i.e. jamesbrown, jbrown, brownj, jamesbrown, jbrown, brown, etc.
    • Hobbies. (i.e books, movies, celebrities, athletes, songs, cars, etc.)
    • Important year or number (jamesbrown1, jbrown1, brown1991, etc.)

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  • insight into treatments and results, improving patient care. By taking real-world inputs from multiple sources in varying formats, and using BigInsights to build a structured data-flow and harness powerful analytics, Quest Diagnostics is finding new ways to deliver results.
  • Alongside the medical diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics also explores general business analytics, using the same powerful tools to examine its engagement with physicians and hospitals. For example, by looking at the behavior of its clients, Quest Diagnostics can predict when a group of hospitals may be about to switch to another lab services provider, and take action to retain the customer relationship. Similarly, by trawling the data to identify changing levels of demand for different types of tests, Quest Diagnostics can identify new opportunities that help to grow the business.
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