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Peter Bromberg

Peter Bromberg's Public Library

Nov 26, 15

"1. Who makes you laugh?
2. What went especially well for you yesterday?
3. What is your special talent? How did you come by it, and how can you share it with others?
4. What was the most beautiful thing you noticed recently?
5. What do you use every day and often take for granted? How does it enrich your life? Who made it and where did it come from?
6. What activity makes you happy?
7. Have you done something recently of which you are particularly proud?
8. Who helps make your life feel richer? And how does he or she do it?
9. What do you appreciate most about where you live?
10. What’s the best thing that happened to you in the last week? How did it make you happy?
11. Whose smile do you love to see?
12. What’s the most memorable experience from the last year? Even if it was a sad or unhappy event, did you learn something from it for which you are grateful?
13. Has anyone done a good deed for you recently? How did it make you feel?
14. Which one of the seven senses do you appreciate most today? Smell, taste, hearing, touch, sight, the vestibular system (balance) or proprioception (sensory information that contributes to the sense of position of self and movement intuitively)?"

Nov 26, 15

"This is very preliminary evidence that exercises that improve people's basic attentional skills (specifically their ability to ignore irrelevant information) can alter brain networks involved in emotional processing, with the consequence that the person becomes less reactive to frightening imagery. T"

Nov 22, 15

happiness that comes from doing good or fulfilling your life purpose may be better for you than happiness that comes from self-gratification or pleasure seeking. When it comes to your health, it seems, not all forms of happiness are created equal.

happiness derived from leading a life full of purpose and meaning seemed to protect health at the cellular level, while happiness derived from pleasure or self-gratification did not.

According to Fredrickson, it’s also within our power. “Finding happiness in a sense of purpose or meaning does not need to be grand or grandiose,” she says. “Simply making an effort to connect with others with empathy and compassion could make this shift in your day.”

Nov 18, 15

"Brian D. Hart

Position: Youth Services Librarian

Name of library: Charlotte (N.C.) Mecklenburg Library

What are your goals as an Emerging Leader? To continue to develop professionally and meet others in the field with similar interests and goals

What is your primary information specialty? Community engagement and youth services

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Alive and well - can't ask for much more.

Fill in the blank: My wife and 3 children are my favorite!

Who's your hero? My mother

What author do you want to have dinner with? Walter Dean Myers

What inspired you to become a librarian? The opportunity to help steer children in a positive direction at a crucial point in their development while also helping adults reach further to fulfill their potential

Name something that few colleagues know about you. When I was 8 years old, I was in the movie Separate, but Equal, starring Sidney Poitier.

Nov 07, 15

"Responsive: Responding to people
Predictive: Predicting what people might want, but we want this to be manageable.
Encouraging: This is empowerment. When we praise people, it doesn't help them to grow. Encouraging does.
​Engaging: “Hey, you seem to know a lot about this. Do you want to do a program or help other people to learn how to do this?”
Empowering: This makes a change."

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