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Peter Bromberg

Peter Bromberg's Public Library

Mar 27, 16

""Dear Supervisor: The holder of this card was, in their best judgment, doing whatever was necessary to make a happy customer. If you think they may have gone overboard, please take the following steps: 1. Thank them for giving great customer service. 2. Listen to the story about the events. 3. Offer feedback on how they might do it differently next time. 4. Thank them for giving great customer service."

"We never reprimand someone for helping a customer," Mr. Rohter said."

Feb 03, 16

What questions do you ask?

I’ll ask for some examples of where you’ve failed. I want to get a sense of whether you are a risk taker. You interview people sometimes and they’ll wear it like a badge of honor — “I haven’t failed at anything.” You just know right away that’s not going to work.

I also ask what their boss would say about them. I ask them what they think they’re great at. I ask them what they’re most proud of in their career so far.

And I ask them what irritates them. I’m pretty even-keeled, and it takes a lot to get me riled up

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