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Nov 26, 15

including Dodge, Stack and Fill (grouped histograms)

  • Stacking and filling are not just only applicable to bars.
  • factor(1)
  • width = 1

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Nov 23, 15

"mtcars %>% ggvis(x = ~wt) %>%
adjust = input_slider(.1, 2, value = 1, step = .1, label = "Bandwidth adjustment"),
kernel = input_select(
c("Gaussian" = "gaussian",
"Epanechnikov" = "epanechnikov",
"Rectangular" = "rectangular",
"Triangular" = "triangular",
"Biweight" = "biweight",
"Cosine" = "cosine",
"Optcosine" = "optcosine"),
label = "Kernel")

  • robust statistic instead:
  • Suppose X is your original count data.  One trick is to use the transformation:
  • Y=2X

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Nov 23, 15

Interquartilsabstand, Ausreisser, Outlier

  • Ausreißer nach Grubbs
  • Interquartilsabstand.
  • innere und äußere Zäune.

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Nov 18, 15

Compare lists (from 2 to infinite) and plot the results in a Venn diagram if (N<=4) with regulation
details. It allows to produce a complete annotated file, merging the annotations of the compared
lists. It is also possible to compute an overlaps table to show the overlaps proportions
of all the couples of lists and draw proportional Venn diagrams.

  • mechanism for encrypting parts of a config file
  • System.Configuration namespace
  • using System.Configuration;

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  • You will find this setting under Security Options on your local system or Group Policy.
  • Event ID = 4663 w
  • add an event in the Security Log anytime a file is deleted or written to.

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  • When our threshold is reached, EventSentry will log an error
  • with event id 10601
  • trigger a server service shutdown

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    • To go to your home directory, type just cd with no other text.
    • To list the files and folders in your current directory, type ls.
    • To go into one of your listed directories, type cd your_listed_directory.
    • To go up one directory, type cd ...
  • git remote -v

    • Fork a GitHub repository.
    • Clone the forked repository to your local system.
    • Add a Git remote for the original repository.
    • Create a feature branch in which to place your changes.
    • Make your changes to the new branch.
    • Commit the changes to the branch.
    • Push the branch to GitHub.
    • Open a pull request from the new branch to the original repo.
    • Clean up after your pull request is merged.
  • Forking it is basically making a copy of the repository, but with a link back to the original.
  • Click the Fork button on the upper right-hand side

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