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  • "WhatsApp / Databases". Here are all the backup files saved with a date. They will look something like "msgstore-2013-05-29.db.crypt". Copy the file with the latest date of creation (it will have a different name compared to the automatic backups created, mine is "msgstore.db.crypt8") onto your PC

    • Since r2 is a proportion, it is always a number between 0 and 1.
    • If r2 = 1, all of the data points fall perfectly on the regression line. The predictor x accounts for all of the variation in y!
    • If r2 = 0, the estimated regression line is perfectly horizontal. The predictor x accounts for none of the variation in y!
May 02, 15

1. Navigate to URL chrome://flags in Chrome.
2. Click 'Enable' under Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows
3. Restart the browser. User will now be able to Add Photos after selecting to enable the Silverlight plugin.

  • _(dt_year)
  • Note that the APPLY operator only contains an expression that uses a column in the rowset and aliases the result.
  • note the use of '_' as the alias for the APPLY rowset.

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  • Diff Commander allows you to compare more than two folders or zip-archives at a time.

  • Bei der Horizon Box ist dies nicht möglich.
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