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  • The thing on the right of <- is a formula object. It is often used to denote a statistical model, where the thing on the left of the ~
  • things on the right of the ~
  • response

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  • By the way… scalar functions work nearly essentially the same as MTVFs. You can get a similar substantial performance boost by converting these to ITVFs, or possibly by just JOINing to the table.


    So, in closing, use those ITVFs. And try to keep away from MTVFs and scalar functions. Those functions are necessary sometimes, but use the ITVFs if possible… your SQL Server will thank you.

  • "WhatsApp / Databases". Here are all the backup files saved with a date. They will look something like "msgstore-2013-05-29.db.crypt". Copy the file with the latest date of creation (it will have a different name compared to the automatic backups created, mine is "msgstore.db.crypt8") onto your PC

    • Since r2 is a proportion, it is always a number between 0 and 1.
    • If r2 = 1, all of the data points fall perfectly on the regression line. The predictor x accounts for all of the variation in y!
    • If r2 = 0, the estimated regression line is perfectly horizontal. The predictor x accounts for none of the variation in y!
May 02, 15

1. Navigate to URL chrome://flags in Chrome.
2. Click 'Enable' under Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows
3. Restart the browser. User will now be able to Add Photos after selecting to enable the Silverlight plugin.

  • _(dt_year)
  • Note that the APPLY operator only contains an expression that uses a column in the rowset and aliases the result.
  • note the use of '_' as the alias for the APPLY rowset.

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  • Diff Commander allows you to compare more than two folders or zip-archives at a time.
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