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  • Transformational Leadership


    Transformational leadership does not replace more day-to-day leadership  practices advocated by earlier theories. In transformational leadership theory,  these are referred to as transactional leadership behaviours. Rather  transformational leadership adds a new, more futures-orientated and large-scale  dimension to transactional behaviours. Further, it adds the coaching style of  leadership, to a leader’s one-on-one leadership repertoire.

  • Good relationships are the  heart of effective visionary leaders.  They embody a deeply caring approach  to people, seeing them as their greatest asset.  Aaron Feuerstein, CEO of  Malden Mills, kept all his employees on the payroll when a fire destroyed 75% of  his factories. His employees were so grateful they helped him rebuild and within  a year the company was more profitable than ever.

  • Facebook user Courtney R. Unruh-Flores

    Courtney R. Unruh-Flores A 21st Century education means that  we look forward and create new ideas using new technologies rather than teaching  the same way we have been teaching for the last 100 years. It means more than  replacing the chalkboard with an interactive white board; it will take an entire  shift of focus away from the 3 R's of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic and put  that focus on a more holistic approach that educates the whole child and also  makes sense in light of our global economy and world.

  • So what is 21st century  education?  It is bold.  It breaks the mold.  It is flexible,  creative, challenging, and complex.  It addresses a rapidly changing world  filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities.   Fortunately, there is a growing body of  research supporting an increasing number of 21st century schools.  We have  living proof, inspiring examples to follow, in schools across the United  States.  These schools vary, but are united in the fundamentals of 21st  century education - see Critical  Attributes of 21st Century Education and Multiple  Literacies for the 21st Century.  Scott McLeod has issued the challenge  of creating a plan to get us from "here" to "there".

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