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John Burk

John Burk's Public Library

Apr 27, 16

Partners: Nominate your best Educator Experts for our new program. Info at Nominate at

Apr 27, 16

Used @plotlygraphs in my latest post, this cheat shet is pretty dope:

Apr 26, 16

Check out @GailBurrill’s #shadowcon16 talk. When you work with students, which mentor’s voice guides your work? How?

Apr 25, 16

Perspectives on the "college admissions frenzy." Worth discussing with your HS kids. @deandebshaver has a great view

Apr 24, 16

Helping kids fall in #love with #math: a guide for grownups.
(and thanks, @Trianglemancsd!)

Apr 22, 16

This math coach blog is new and awesome. Every post is a winner. Get on it. /by @Kelly_Zinck @TheErickLee

Apr 22, 16

15 ways to maximize your efficiency with Google Drive

Apr 22, 16

Nice! Four games for Family Math Nights. Brought to you by @mathchic, @vickivierra, and #NCTMAnnual.

Apr 22, 16

At @EmoryUniversity, administrators have responded to students' demands on race with radical transparency:

Apr 22, 16

Version of Countdown maths challenge with fractions

Apr 21, 16

"PICUP WebsitePartnership for Integration of
Computation into Undergraduate Physics"

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