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John Burk

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Mar 03, 15

Missing link for STEM diversity Researchers should reflect the country's population #BlackAndSTEM

  • That means it will probably take more than a robust pipeline of prospective scientists to increase the diversity of STEM disciplines.


    A recent study of biomedical Ph.D.’s strongly suggests that’s the case. In a sample of 1,500 scholars, underrepresented minorities and women showed disproportionately low interest in pursuing an academic career at a research university upon completing graduate school. Compared with their white and Asian male counterparts, women from well-represented groups were 36 percent less likely to say they were highly interested in that path. Underrepresented-minority males were 40 percent less likely, and underrepresented-minority females were 54 percent less likely.

  • To help all kinds of young scientists see paths to all types of careers, priming the pipeline is key, says Mr. Gibbs, but so is cultivating feelings of inclusion along the way.
  • "Science suffers," he says, "if highly talented people don’t find a place for themselves."

  • Anyway, I have to think that’s partly why educational technology remains so difficult to implement. We may know—deeply believe—that technology can have a miraculous impact on the education system, but we can’t help but become at least somewhat driven by our worst fears. We worry that the decisions we make today will have unintended consequences that follow our children for the rest of their lives. This is one realm where we don’t feel comfortable making mistakes and asking for forgiveness later, and that makes it difficult to take even the first, most innocuous steps.


    “There’s an emotional piece to this that some people don’t understand,” says Walden, the education tech investor. “We’ve seen that with the Silicon Valley-type entrepreneurs who come out and say ‘We’ve done this with other industries, we’re just going to come out and do this with education.’ They think tech can be a cure-all, they think this industry can be like the others, and that’s where they get caught.”

Feb 23, 15

tour of the solar system from space probes.

Feb 23, 15

Here's a great example of big data work on the personal level. A citizen analyzes crime stats to disprove the idea that crime increases around the holidays.

Feb 23, 15

"MedicineRandomized clinical trial finds 6-week mindfulness meditation intervention more effective than 6 weeks of sleep hygiene education (e.g. how to identify & change bad sleeping habits) in reducing insomnia symptoms, fatigue, and depression symptoms in older adults with sleep disturbances. (
submitted 3 days ago by marc5387"

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