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John Burk

John Burk's Public Library

Sep 29, 15

"We report four main findings. First, the student-centered classroom spaces are most effective when used with student-centered pedagogies. Second, student-centered classrooms are ineffective when used with teacher-centered pedagogies and may have negative effects for students with low prior knowledge. Third, we find a strong correlation between six instructors’ self-reported epistemic beliefs of student centeredness and their classes’ average normalized gain (r=0.91; p=0.012). Last, we find that some instructors are more willing to adopt student-centered teaching practices after using student-centered classroom spaces. These data suggest that student-centered classrooms are effective only when instructors’ epistemic framework of teaching and learning is consistent with a student-centered pedagogy. However, the use of the student-centered classrooms may change instructors’ epistemic frameworks over time. Further research should focus on how to better support teachers with shifting epistemic frameworks as well as helping students with lower prior knowledge in student-centered classroom spaces."

  • “Overcoming everyone’s low expectations, and exceeding them,” said Matthew Gonzalez, who just graduated from Garfield Magnet Senior High School and is starting UCLA this month on a full scholarship.

    Crews said the worst thing he heard growing up was, “You’re not like the others.” They meant other black people, and it was meant as a compliment. But comments like that made Crews, who is biracial, question whether he was “black enough” and which race he associated with more.

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