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Jun 07, 12


When Thor and Loki were kids - and when everything was simple and sweet and sunshine and rainbows - Thor promised his younger brother that when he's crowned king, he'll take Loki as his Queen/consort/spouse/whatever the hell kid!Thor might call it.

And then the movie happened and Loki ended up being the Avengers' #1 supervillain.

So when Thor indeed is crowned the king of Asgard, everyone assumes he'll marry Sif. And if he doesn't marry Sif, then for sure he'll marry Jane. Hell, he's the king, he might even marry one of the many girls he's bedded through the years. Instead - much to the eternal surprise of the Avengers, the Midgardian villains and Warriors Three - Thor goes and proposes to Loki. Loki is all "wtf, brother?", but in reality he melts inside, because after everything (which was mostly bad) that had happened, Thor still wants to keep his promise.

BONUS POINTS! For Odin being the first one to congratulate and be happy for Thor and Loki and generally being "hell YESSS, finally *bro fist*". (Because I like to think that movie!Odin is not a dick and does care for both his sons.)

Jun 07, 12

As I'm sure we all know, Coulson is pretty bad ass. Watch this trailer for the Captain America DVD.

Starting at about 1:32, Coulson BAMF's it up. Run with that.

Jun 07, 12

The Avengers are used to the idea of Thor and his insane villainous brother. Then something happens and one of them - Steve or Tony? - has to travel back in time to find clues to defeating some other, unrelated villain. Specifically, to the past in Asgard. When he comes back, he's oddly quiet and thoughtful about what, exactly, he saw. One of the others asks, "So, what was it like, meeting the Mad Hatter in miniature?" He looks at them, then turns and looks at Thor.

"About that... Thor. What happened to him?"

Because he'd gone back to before things in Asgard went absolutely FUBAR, to when Loki was too smart and clever for his own good, magically powerful, mischievous, and deeply loyal and loving to his family.

And Thor sits back and suddenly realizes that he has no idea. Loki just snapped, and with Asgard being all "Brawn Good, Brains Evil," he'd just accepted it as tragid but inevitable. Now he realizes there must have been some trigger - and he wants to know what it was. And whether or not he can fix it - before, it had never occurred to him to try.

BONUS: Turns out the true key to defeating the Bad Guy (TM) is to find some way to convince Loki to help them. However, they only realize that after they've made some progress on solving the mystery of why Loki went mad in the first place - it isn't the reason they start investigating. Better yet if, up until that point, they were getting frustrated with Thor putting his family problem ahead of figuring out how to thwart the latest Big Bad.

DOUBLE BONUS: Once they've managed to get something resembling a full picture, Thor is convinced there's no way he can fix what went wrong, and thus no way that they can fix Loki or even convince Loki to help them. And the Avenger who went back in time isn't willing to accept that and goes out to appeal to Loki personally. Loki seems to utterly reject the idea... then turns up at the eleventh hour and helps them anyway, "because he feels like it." Ending with things not being fixed, but with the possibility that there's still some hope that they eventually could be.

Jun 07, 12

Option 1) Loki can hold his own on the battlefield, but there is one place where he just can't keep up with his fellow Aesir: The bedroom! While Aesir can go for hours, Jotnar are very much a 'slam, bam, thank you ma'am' species.

Option 2) The reverse is true. Jotnar have the crazy stamina, while Aesir rush through sex.

I don't care which option you take. I just want Loki to get fucked or fuck his partner into exhaustion!

Jun 07, 12

Thor, Loki, Sif, and the Warriors Three are traveling through one of the nine realms--preferably not Midgard or Asgard. They stop somewhere that is very, very anti-magic. The group does not know this upon arrival. Whether it's through battle, showing off, using a spell casually, a prank, or otherwise Loki is discovered to be a sorcerer. The natives have killed other genuine sorcerers (not people they simply thought were sorcerers) in the past. They form an angry mob, incapacitate Loki, lock Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three up separately from him, and begin taking steps to have Loki executed. There's a rigged trial followed by burning, hanging, drowning, being buried alive, something else...your choice. Bonus if the execution is ritualistic in nature.

The group gets out in time to save Loki's life, though he's a bit worse for the wear after the experience. I don't want him to be utterly broken, but some physical and emotional trauma would be nice. He can destroy the location himself once he's free or, if his condition is such that he's literally unable to do so, Thor can destroy it for him--robbing Loki of his revenge. I'd like to see Loki receive some support afterward, not limited to Thor. If there's a ship I'd prefer Loki/Sif, though it can also be gen. I want Loki to realize by the end that whatever else might be between them, he can count on his friends. And they are his friends.

I request against gratuitous torture and against making the persecutors feel Midgardian in terms of culture or, if applicable, religion. Otherwise, go nuts.

Jun 07, 12

Tony and Loki have an enemies-with-benefits arrangements wherein Loki occasionally appears at odd times of night and they have mutually satisfying sex. Loki thinks he's cleverly using Tony, but the truth is that Tony is using Loki. Loki is smart and brave and alienated and a bit shrimpy next to his peers ... he's Steve without a happy ending. Tony fucks Loki rather than deal with all those messy feelings for his friend and team-mate.

Jun 07, 12

Thor is in love with Loki... and the entire court finds out, causing scandal and outrage. Members of the court protest and revile a future ruler who would bed his own kin, and the royal family must deal with the fall out.

If Loki loves Thor back, Odin reveals Loki's heritage and the fall out from that, and/or Frigga has to all but yell at the court to back off from Thor, is up to the writer.

Jun 07, 12

Loki amuses himself by changing the Avengers' ringtones.

Suggestions: Rammstein's "Spiel mit mir" for Thor (especially if Loki/Thor)
Jonathan Coulton's "Better" for Tony Stark
Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" for Steve Rogers

Jun 07, 12

I'd like an AU where the peeps are students in Sky High (

So I want to see Loki, Coulson, Steve etc. to be 'hero support' and are generally looked down upon/harrassed/made fun of by the student body. Then something happens and they end up kicking ass and saving the day.

Maybe Loki's father Laufey is a villain and Thor's dad's (the superhero Odin) rival. His power, when it first manifests, is just him turning blue so he's punted off to hero support. Coulson, has the power of being overlooked (fade into the background), Steve attracts cute fluffy animals (like a Disney Princess) and they become friends. Later on when the school/their classmates/teachers/the heroes are in anger they manage to use their 'hero support' powers to save the day, and maybe develop other more heroic and awesome powers along the way.

I don't know I just want a Sky High AU, because you know that their hero support powers would be ridiculous and then they turn awesome and just take down the most superest villains.

Fury would totally be the principal and just put the fear of Fury in everyone, and Heimdall knows all.

To be more clear, not exactly like Sky High but more like taking place in that universe where there's a school that teaches hero and hero support.

Jun 07, 12

Completely ignoring what we know will be movie canon once The Avengers is actually out... I want to see the Avengers meeting Loki in a different situation.

Let's say that the Avengers form for some reason other than Loki. Thor returns to Earth and hangs around kicking evildoers' asses with Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk and... whoever else makes up the film!canon Avengers.

During one of their battles with a supervillain (can be Doctor Doom or a villain OC that anon comes up with), the villain reveals to them he has a hostage - Thor's little brother, who up until that moment everyone had assumed was dead. Cue Thor flipping out and the Avengers going off to rescue poor kidnapped Loki from whatever horrors he's been facing at the hands of this evil villain.

... except that actually, Loki and the villain are working together in order to trap the Avengers. I want to see Loki going up against each of the Avengers, separately (I'm picturing them splitting up to go through this dark, spooky castle-like villain lair trying to find him), using magic and tricks and shapeshifting to fuck with them (since everything else in the previous movies was attributed to science, not magic, right? So going up against an actual magic-using villain would be weird and different for them) and basically having the time of his life screwing around with them.

Once they're all held captive and completely at the mercy of the main villain, though, Loki... fucks shit up and sets them all free. Because he thinks it's more interesting that way, or so he says. Maybe he just didn't really want to watch his big bro being brought low and killed by a puny mortal

Bonus points if there's an intensely awkward, angry, tearful confrontation between Thor and Loki in front of all the other captive Avengers, involving much snarking and misdirection from Loki and many brokenhearted "whys" from Thor. Works best if Thor still has no idea Loki's a Frost Giant (because... Odin wants to ~protect him from the truth~).

Jun 07, 12

Loki makes magical duplicates of the Avengers and applies Rule 34 (and 35) most rigorously. The Avengers (coughTonycough) run across the video of their duplicates "battling" Loki and react.

Bonus points for duplicate!Thor calling Loki "brother" all the time.
Special bonus points for duplicate!Iron Msn being anatomically correct.

Jun 07, 12

If there's one thing Sif loves more than being a warrior, its being a finely-tuned warrior. She loves having absolute control over her movements and enacting every technique with deadly accuracy...and seeing those little moments where Loki is completely in awe of her.

But then she is severely injured. There is a long recovery, and the damaged part of her is no longer as strong/responsive as it once was. Re-training that limb is slow, frustrating, and everyone doubts that she will be as good as she once was.

Except Loki, whose (silent?) admiration of her never stops.

After some length of time, Sif makes a full recovery.

tl;dr - Sif/Loki style hurt/comfort. Can be as gen or as porny as you like.

Jun 07, 12

This is kind of specific so if you want to add something/change the plot of the movie/take away something from prompt feel free.

Prompt: Basically Loki had a cunning plan and great lies that quickly turned against him and his plan fell apart and he just made the situation worse. I'd like to see his thought process as this happens. Maybe some angst and 'Oh God what did I just do?' While trying to remain composed.

Loki did let the Frost Giants in but he only did it to ruin Thor's big day and because he knew Thor would explode and finally let his father realize how /unfit/ he was for the throne.

The whole going to the other world? Well he genuinely tried to convince him not to go but it was also a test to see if he listened when his dad gave him the talk.

Thor didn't listen. But Loki didn't think that Thor would actually go berserk and fight them. He honestly though Heimdall would stop Thor or that Thor would realize how doing that would cause a war.

And then the declaration of war happened and Loki didn't think Thor would get banished but he did which meant Loki had to revise his plan.

And it went completely down hill from there. And the lies got worse.


He feels overwhelmed because he didn't expect half of what happened to actually happen and he was trying to be the hero in the end.

Smut. Maybe as a way to manipulate and he feels worse for it.

Jun 07, 12

For whatever reason Loki losses his ability to lie. He is no longer able to look someone in the face or come up with credible stories on the spot. Gone are the words and gestures that make manipulating people a cake walk and the calm attitude to it all.

And then what happens? How does he react to this?

Bonus 1: He becomes a bright red , tongue tangled mess. And stutters a lot. Also, he can't make eye contact when he lies. Or his mind goes blank.

Bonus 2: He did it because he did something /good/ for a change. Like he traded his lieing to save Thor's life or his friends or his father or whoever (some little kid on the street?). He probably thought he could get his lies back with his magic but its proving to be difficult...

Bonus 3: It happens on Earth (and the Avengers are there?) but somehow the people back on the home planet discover what went up.

Jun 07, 12

can be cracky or serious, either way is fine. I just want Loki running into Azazel and then sex and shenanigans ensue. Bonus for creative uses for Azazel's tail.

Jun 07, 12

Something based of Coldplay’s Talk.

This song really speaks to me about Loki and Thor’s point of view, maybe someone sat down and talked to him or he had a revelation due to something said by Loki in battle, on the situation Loki finds himself in with the whole trying to destroy the avengers, his brother mainly cause of past hurts and Thor not wanting to believe there’s no hope for them whether in a relationship or as brothers I really leave that to the anon but I’m really partial to them in a relationship

Someone really needs to make Loki sit down and talk to his brother

Jun 07, 12

Thor or whoever has an excellent view while they go running with Loki in the park.

Jun 07, 12

Modern day AU.

I just really want something where Loki is determined to be independent from the family and thus has a frustrating city job instead of something cushy at Odin's office, hating the tube in rush hour time but refusing the continuing offer of having a car driving him, living in a flat with unreliable heating and terrible water pressure.

By Friday every week he's so fed up that he takes a cab to Thor's luxury flat and spends the weekend in his lovely, warm bed being fucked until he forgets everything.

Jun 07, 12

Thor is the king and he has taken his (willing) brother Loki as his consort. They are at a big banquet and Thor and Loki are on a couch at the head of the table.

In these situations is it acceptable, and even encouraged, for the king to be very publicly "affectionate" with his companion - making out, groping, caressing, basically anything short of actual sex - in order to show off his claim.

+10 if Loki is a little ashamed at first but quickly gets used to being adored in front of the court.
+100 if the people at the banquet support the match and like watching.
+1000 for loud and unsubtle mentions of what the two of them will be doing after the feast and how many children Loki is going to bear for Thor.

If anon would like to include sex in their chambers afterwards, be my guest! :)

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