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Mar 26, 14

Maintaining your vehicle's EFI system can help you prevent rough idle, poor engine performance and no-start problems.

Mar 17, 14

Is your car engine experiencing performance issues? Learn to recognize the signs of a clogging fuel filter and avoid huge repair bills.

Feb 26, 14

Bad ignition coils are hard to diagnose sometimes. Yet, a simple test may provide the troubleshooting procedure you need.

Feb 17, 14

Do you really know when you should change the brake pads? Learn the sounds, symptoms and signs that say your car needs a new set of brake pads.

Feb 08, 14

Brake noises may be a sign of a potential brake system malfunction. Learning the most common causes for brake noises can help you fix your brakes sooner.

Jan 27, 14

Help extend the service life of your brake pads and shoes by replacing brake mounting hardware and checking the condition of main components.

Jan 18, 14

Learn how to test your car battery for current leakage and extend its service life in a few simple steps.

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