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about 9 hours ago

As Ladybird Books celebrates its 100th anniversary, two enthusiasts examine the things we learned from them.

Feb 22, 15

'I have never met a writer who wishes to be described as a female writer, gay writer, black writer, Asian writer or African writer' … Aminatta Forna on her frustration at the book world's obsession with labels and identity.

Feb 13, 15

The television adaptation of Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies is already being hailed as possibly the “greatest period drama ever made”. Certainly, much has been made of its attention to historical detail.

Feb 13, 15

In the first episode of BBC historical drama Wolf Hall, based on Hilary Mantel’s novel of the same name, Thomas Cromwell returns home to find his wife and two daughters have all died during the night

Jan 31, 15

Matthew Shardlake is a fictional lawyer at Lincoln’s Inn in sixteenth-century London. He is also a first-rate detective who reluctantly attempts to unravel some of the most important mysteries of the time while navigating the treacherous political waters of Tudor England.

Jan 31, 15

Sarah Crown talks to CJ Sansom, the creator of Matthew Shardlake (article from 2010).

Dec 26, 14

Charles Palliser chooses his favourite modern fiction that revisits the Victorian era for a 21st-century audience, from Fingersmith to Cold Mountain.

Dec 23, 14

Cult novel Good Omens has been adapted for radio. Here Neil Gaiman tells the story of how it came to be written.

Dec 18, 14

Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto was written 250 years ago - it inspired the genre of gothic literature

Dec 05, 14

Freshly uncovered police reports of the In Cold Blood murder case show the ‘non-fiction novelist’ was rather too imaginative with the facts

Dec 05, 14

Author’s wilful arrest for drunkenness in order to experience prison while researching Down and Out in Paris and London had been questioned, but research confirms truth

Dec 03, 14

The 1959 murder of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas, brutal and mysterious, was made famous by author Truman Capote.

Nov 27, 14

"There is no exercise that is either feeble or more strenuous … than that of conversing with one's own thoughts."

Nov 27, 14

William Gibson ‘had so very little idea of how to write a novel’ when he was commissioned to come up with a manuscript

Nov 23, 14

Even authors as seasoned as Stephen King often struggle to fully imagine their inventions and once they have, the relationship can remain very uneasy

Nov 02, 14

The works of the 14th Century poet Hafez are found in almost every Iranian home - more than 600 years after his death the writer still offers an insight into his country's identity.

Oct 19, 14

Gothic fiction had been all the rage for some time, but Shelley's Frankenstein still changed everything.

Aug 26, 14

Will Self asks why people laugh at jokes which he doesn't find funny, and whether there's such a thing as the wrong type of humour.

Aug 23, 14

The gorgeous, ethereal photographic portrait shot of Virginia Woolf taken in 1902 by George Beresford ... certainly captures the 20-year-old Virginia Stephen’s delicate beauty ... but it gives an all too simple impression of this complex and often contradictory writer.

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