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Apr 28, 16

Alan Bennett describes the experience perfectly: you’re halfway through a book by a long-dead stranger, and there it is: an idea or feeling ‘you had thought special and particular to you… set down by someone else … as if a hand has come out and taken yours’.

Mar 31, 16

A look at the time Charlotte Brontë spent in Brussels revelas a study in creative obsession.

Nov 13, 15

As the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë’s birth approaches (April 21, 2016), many picture editors, exhibition organizers and publishers will be looking round for a suitable image of the author.

Nov 12, 15

Personal essays are alive and well in the twenty-first century. There seems no end to the appeal of the essayist’s basic idea: that you can write spontaneously and ramblingly about yourself and your interests, and that the world will love you for it.

Oct 28, 15

Measure for Measure has been staged three times in London this year. It goes to show just how resonant its themes of sexual licentiousness and twisted democracy are today – especially in Russia

Oct 25, 15

Map goes on sale in Oxford for £60,000 after being found at Blackwell’s Rare Books inside novel belonging to illustrator Pauline Baynes

Oct 25, 15

Orwell himself provides an escape clause for his list of rules for writing clear English: "Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous."

Oct 25, 15

In A Wizard of Earthsea, published in 1968, Usula K Le Guin created one of literature's most fully formed fantasy worlds. The author of Cloud Atlas and The Bone Clocks recalls how he fell under its spell

Oct 25, 15

‘They’re the interchangeable anonymous people we encounter on our daily commute, those whose humanity we cannot acknowledge.’ Naomi Alderman on the cultural significance of zombies.

Jul 20, 15

The novel inside us. It’s a powerful presence that commonly remains dormant but ruminated over, then abandoned with a little wistful regret. In other cases, it is nothing less than a raging obsession.

Jun 28, 15

At a recent tag sale not far from my parents’ house, I came upon a thin, weathered paperback with a yellowing spine. It stuck out amid the other glossy hardcovers.

Jun 28, 15

‘The writer Nassim Taleb approvingly calls a collection of unread books an “antilibrary”’

Jun 28, 15

As her 1962 novel The Pumpkin Eater becomes a Penguin Classic, we re-examine the life of Penelope Mortimer, who tackled difficult subjects in a style that still sounds vital today

Jun 24, 15

I like the idea of a personal codename for the place I live. I’m putting down roots here, and since I work from home and don’t get out much, I spend the vast majority of my time here.

May 21, 15

George Gissing, a northerner, came to London as a social outcast. He was a stranger in an immense city which he explored ceaselessly, which absorbed his intellectual energy and fed his creativity, and about which he had little good to say.

Apr 19, 15

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, on how to become a better reader.

Apr 08, 15

At the inaugural Garner Lecture, the writer and storyteller reflected on a lifetime in tales – and vowed to keep taking risks.

Mar 15, 15

Andrew Gallix: The new vogue in literary theory is shot through with earlier ideas

Mar 15, 15

Whether it's musicians pastiching multiple vintage styles in a single track, the endless cycle of remakes and sequels in cinema, or historical genre mashups in pop literature, our future is looking increasingly like our past.

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