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David Heller

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May 04, 12

Who runs your business? Androids? Mystical forces?  Autonomous machines from the future? No.
People run your business.
And those people will be using ByDesign every day. Some of them will embrace the new system, appreciating and an integrated solution where they can view one source of the truth, instead of four to six versions of the semi-truth that must be consistently reconciled.
But make no mistake; some people hate change. You must spend time with these people, demonstrating the benefit ByDesign will bring to their specific role. Show them what they will gain personally.
If they don’t realize the benefit, they won’t embrace the solution.
Remember that we are living in an era where there are hundreds, maybe thousands of cloud point solutions that your dissatisfied customer can buy on their own to complete their piece of your business process.
I’ve seen this happen many times. I’ve seen users abandon ByD CRM and go back to their Excel spreadsheets. I’ve also seen customers delighted with the product.  And I can assure you that ByD CRM is a better solution than Microsoft Excel. So why does abandonment happen?
It’s an easy answer: People Readiness. End users must fully understand how to execute their role in ByDesign. There is a wealth of information in ByD and the Business Center demonstrating user roles. Before you go live, everyone needs to go through this learning process and you must follow-up with them to ensure that have done so. It may seem like you’re nagging them, but your nagging will be rewarded with a satisfied, referenceable customer.
I even recommend spending some one-on-one time with end users, demonstrating their role in the system youself. This shows that you care about the user being ready for the transition and that you’re not just dumping a new system on them.
In the end, your business is about people. Make sure they feel empowered with the right set of tools to get the job done. And most importantly, teach them how to use those tools.

  • Bill Schlageter, CIO at Denstply, a
  • $2.5 billion global dental supplies manufacturer and distributor.
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