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  • Add alternative text to your online images. This is text that shows up when a mouse hovers over an image or that a screen reader will pick up when running down the page
  • Right click on the image, select Format Picture, and choose the ALT text option from the bottom of the list. You'll get a text window. Open that and type an appropriate description, using the Title text field for your ALT text or the Description field for your LONGDESC text.
  • For example, instead of "," use "Western Kentucky University's Web site."

  • Many of the students at Landmark "take 'detours' in achieving their learning goals," added Dahlstrom-Hakki. "Sometimes their detours are detrimental to the learning process."
  • Because students with learning disabilities already struggle to maintain focus, "If the content isn't very engaging and isn't very motivating, then you have virtually no chance of bringing them in and moving them through the material," warned Dahlstrom-Hakki.
  • Better to get students immersed into problem-solving and then back into the concepts.

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  • Research there has found that when blended courses address the needs of students who learn differently, average students benefit as well.
  • For blended courses, Internet navigation needs to be explicitly taught for many students with learning challenges
  • Although faculty often see themselves as content experts rather than experts in providing these types of supports, consider how you can provide guidance to students about their online practices

  • These thinking moves all point to the conclusion that learning doesn’t happen through the mere delivery of information
  • “Learning only occurs when the learner does something with that information,”
  • “They had routines and structures that scaffolded and supported student thinking,”

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  • A school is in business to cause and promote learning. It should therefore model for all institutions what it means to be a learning organization. A school is not merely a place that expects students to learn; it must encourage and support everyone's learning.
  • What works? What doesn't? Where is student learning most successful, and why?
  • School leaders need to create job requirements that make learning about learning mandatory

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    • The rotation model, in which students rotate between some combination of learning modalities, at least one of which is online. The  rotation model comprises the sub-models station rotation, lab rotation, flipped classroom and individual rotation;
    • The flex model, in which online learning is the primary learning modality, with an on-site teacher of record on premises and possible  occasional offline activities;
    • The a la carte model, in which a student's entire course is online, but the student is physically present in a traditional school or  learning center; and
    • The enriched virtual model, which requires students to attend in-person learning sessions, but allows them to complete the remainder of  coursework online.
    • the report offers four lessons for successful blended learning implementations:

      • Create a school climate and culture that emphasizes continuous improvement;
      • Clearly define the goals and benefits of blended learning;
      • Examine professional development needs and update them as necessary to make sure teachers have the appropriate tools and skills for the new  models; and
      • Address implementation barriers at both the system and school level.
  • It is about the shift in the instructional model to personalized, student-centered learning to ensure each student's success,

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Suggests acceleration and enrichment in specific areas of talent

  • Cheating in Online Classes Is Now Big Business
  • These digital cheaters for hire will even assume students’ identities and take entire online classes in their place
  • Arizona State University offers a complete bachelor’s degree in a variety of majors—entirely online. Others schools, such as SUNY Empire State, do too.

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Mar 13, 16

Ability grouping (tracking) for gifted students - effect size of 0.30 (0.40 = has visible impact on learning)

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