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  • 2e students typically perform at very high levels on some, but not all, of the gifted screening tests used by public schools. On the other hand, they tend to simultaneously perform very poorly on one or more of the local, state, or national standardized assessments used to measure individual student progress.
    • Evidence of a discrepancy between expected and actual achievement  
    • Evidence of an outstanding talent or ability  
    • Coincident evidence of a processing deficit (with processing defined broadly as the ability to interpret higher-order perceptions, as in auditory processing).

  • a baseline database for structure and activity in a healthy brain that can be cross-referenced with personality traits, cognitive skills and genetics. And it will be online, in an interactive map available to all.
  • With it, she said, she can ask, “how is this really critical node connected” to other parts of the brain, information that will inform future research and surgery.
  • “How do differences between you and me, and how our brains are wired up, relate to differences in our behaviors, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our experiences?”

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  • But these capabilities are not the stuff of popular narrative: They reflect very specific differences in function—such as attending to overall shape versus details during perception—not sweeping distinctions such as being "logical" versus "intuitive."
  • There is a better way to understand the functioning of the brain, based on another, ordinarily overlooked anatomical division—between its top and bottom parts.
  • This research reveals that the top-brain system uses information about the surrounding environment (in combination with other sorts of information, such as emotional reactions and the need for food or drink) to figure out which goals to try to achieve.

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  • Rather, they created true learning initiatives in which technology is a component of a larger cultural shift aimed at improving student outcomes.
  • succinctly describe what they are trying to accomplish and their vision for meeting their goal
  • A strategy to give teachers high-quality, standards-based digital content that is embedded in district pacing, scope and sequence documents

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  • The AP classroom is where intellectual curiosity goes to die.

  • You have to rip things up and think in a different way – using another approach.

  • Very often, these topics present significant challenges of achievement but with little return on investment in learners’ lives.
  • Here’s the problem: the achievement gap is much more concerned with mastering content than with providing lifeworthy content.
  • The achievement gap is all about doing the same thing better.

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  • t we can’t make people change, but we can create environments where change is more likely to happen.
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