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Terie Engelbrecht

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  • Capacity building, group work and deep pedagogy, accelerated by technology, are processes that support all schools engaging in improvement of practice
  • Systemic is experiential not theoretical
  • everyone must be part of the solution

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May 16, 16

Good stuff about best practice and deconstructed standards

  • Come spend two days with our team of experts to help your school/district move forward with how to best ensure high levels of learning for ALLstudents in ALL schools. Our internationally recognized presenters have extensive knowledge in all of these critical areas and this institute will allow you to better understand how all elements of Standards, Assessment and Grading systematically flow together

  • First, the latteranalysis included both direct and indirect effects of leadership
  • Marzano work included only U.S. studies and the Witziers studies weremultinational
  • Finally,60 of the 70 studies included in the Marzano meta-analysis were unpub-lished U.S. theses and dissertations that have not been subject to the samepeer review processes as published work.

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