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May 29, 16

The debate over hand writing important notes versus typing them is one we’ve hit on before, but this graphic lays out all of the data clearly, and even offers some tips on choosing a writing implement based on the type of notes you’re taking. via Po…

May 27, 16

The “paperless classroom” is a buzzword that flies around education and edtech discussions a lot. It’s for good reason, too. However, this all only happens when the paperless push happens in a meaningful, purposeful way. via Pocket

May 26, 16

1. Google Art Project Explore this database of paintings, artifacts, and sculptures. Create your gallery, compare and contrast paintings, and go on a virtual eld trip. > Web: > iOS: Tip: Use Street View to explo…

May 26, 16

Social Emotional Learning is so important. The free online conference going on now put together by Jason and Ceilia Hilkey with experts like Alfie Kohn, Tony Wagner and many more experts on this topic is a must-listen and share. via Pocket

May 26, 16

Adobe Spark is a new suite of free tools for creating images, videos, and simple web pages. The blog-o-sphere was all abuzz about Adobe Spark late last week so I gave it a try too. Adobe Spark can be used in your web browser or you can download the …

May 26, 16

One of the reasons I love working with school districts and teachers over a long term basis is that you get to really dig in and do the work. In the past year I’ve asked these questions to hundreds of educators. via Pocket

May 26, 16

Stackup is a free service that aims to help you give students credit for time spent reading quality articles online. On Stackup you can create reading challenges for your students. A challenge could be something like "read current events for 60 minu…

May 26, 16

Some teachers seemed to really enjoy me when I was a student and some teachers (at least it seemed like it) hated me.  When I look back at it, was it me that was different, or was it the teachers?  In reality, it was mostly me.  Here’s what I figure…

May 24, 16

... the thing that really enables individuals to engage with their job and the company they work for – a sense that their contribution is IMPORTANT. via Pocket

May 23, 16

North Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Pork butt receives a vigorous, spicy rubdown, then is slowly smoked until tender. The meat is then pulled and simmered in a piquant vinegar sauce. via Pocket

May 23, 16

When someone first moves from Microsoft Office to Google Docs, that is often one of the early questions that comes up. via Pocket

May 23, 16

Sitting in front of a screen all day can wreak havoc on the spine. Our posture changes, and that can cause some serious long-term damage. Dr. Eric Goodman, creator of the Foundation Training program, offers these three no-equipment exercises to help…

May 23, 16

So many great #studyabroad resources shared on #GlobaledChat with @IIEglobal last night! See what you missed: Become a study abroad advocate. Take the Generatio via Pocket

May 22, 16

"This is a guest post, authored by my friend and colleague, Cody Holt from Royse City ISD in Royse City, Texas. After 11 years as a high school Language Arts teacher, Cody made the transition to the world of instructional technology and his toughest…

May 21, 16

If you’ve ever looked at someone else’s life and wondered how they get so many things done in the day, you can finally get an answer. This graphic breaks down how the average American spends each individual hour of the day. via Pocket

May 20, 16

The Google Play store is coming to Chrome OS, and it's bringing every single Android app along with it. That means that every app that runs on Android—everything from Microsoft Word to Hearthstone to Firefox—will be able to run on Chrome OS without …

May 19, 16

Unlocking an iPhone via Touch ID in lieu of a passcode makes it much easier to maintain security while preserving convenience, and Touch ID's ease of use has left many Mac users wondering when a similar feature might be introduced for Apple's deskto…

May 19, 16

This was an awesome idea from Emily Day Harrison, and I wanted to build upon it. via Pocket

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